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Julie P Bryant Elementary School, Statesboro, GA - STANDARD EXCELON® IMPERIAL® TEXTURE VCT
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High-quality, high-performance vinyl composition tile.



Offered in neutral earthtones, Arteffects has a non-directional visual for a seamless-looking installation.

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This colorful VCT line offers easy maintenance and true through-pattern construction for extended floor life.

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Excelon Companion Square

This collection features accent colors contrasted against a neutral background.

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Excelon Feature Tile & Strip

Create accents, borders, wayfinding, and custom insets in true, solid colors with Feature Tile & Strip.

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Excelon Stonetex

Available in 18"x18" or 12"x12", Stonetex is a natural-looking tile with a granite-like appearance.

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Raffia offers a soothing, natural palette in a unique 12"x24" modular format.

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Safety Zone

This is a modular 12" x 12" tile option for slip-retardant safety flooring.

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Standard Excelon Imperial Texture

The product that sets the industry standard for VCT in quality and value; backed by decades of proven performance.

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Standard Excelon MultiColor

Create a coordinated look with our Imperial Texture by using this line with accented visuals.

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Standard Excelon Rave

Bright, bold, intense: create a statement with this daring line of commercial VCT.

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Static Dissipative SDT

The perfect computer room floor, this product lessens static in the space to help prevent data loss or healthcare hazards.

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VCT – Vinyl Composition Tile

Armstrong Commercial Flooring has been the industry leader for over 50 years in producing high-quality, high-performing commercial VCT. The portfolio offers size options including Stonetex® 18 in. x 18 in. and RAFFIA™ 12 in. x 24 in. tile, while still offering the more traditional 12 in. x 12 in. option.

Three North American Regional manufacturing locations reduce environmental impact from transportation. Composed of 85% North American limestone, an abundant natural resource, Armstrong commercial VCT is a responsible flooring choice and is recyclable through our Recycling Program.  

Popular Gym Flooring Layouts

Excelon® pre-cut tile insets are available in a customized basketball (PDF) or shuffleboard (PDF) layout. These tiles are highly recommended for gym floor applications since they can easily handle high-traffic play. See other gym floor recommendations from Armstrong.


The non-PVC alternative to vinyl composition tile.

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