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Healthcare/Hospital – Hospital Operating Room Flooring

Easy to Install
Long Life
Low Maintenance

For operating rooms, the design emphasis is on infection control and low maintenance. All surfaces have to be scrubbed and disinfected regularly to maintain an aseptic environment. These areas require floors and seams that can be easily cleaned and are resistant to chemical staining from medical reagents and bodily fluids.

Recommended Floors
Armstrong recommended flooring products for this application include ColorArt Medintech Sheet, a benchmark product in healthcare flooring since 1983, and the ColorArt Medintone Sheet, and ColorArt Medley Sheet lines. These sheet floors provide excellent aseptic properties when seams are heat-welded and flash-coved. These secure installation measures ensure no dirt or fluids slip beneath the surface.

All Armstrong sheet products deliver long life and low VOCs. They also have an 80-gauge wear layer that provides the best combination of overall durability, gouge and abrasion resistance.

While the design focus for operating room flooring is on infection control, it doesn’t mean performance attributes trump design options. In sheet, you have a broad range of patterns, textures, and colors.

Many of our product lines are designed to cross-coordinate across categories, giving you even more design flexibility. Homogeneous ColorArt Medintone Sheet is color-coordinated with LinoArt Marmorette Linoleum and Premium Excelon Stonetex VCT. DecorArt Sheet designs provide soothing visuals that harmonize with Natural Creations Luxury Flooring collections.

Operating rooms require flooring that can be heat welded and flash coved to create an aseptic space. Recommended options include homogeneous sheet products, ColorArt Medley Sheet, ColorArt Medintone Sheet, and ColorArt Medintech Sheet, the industry standard for areas within medical environments.

For faster installations, Armstrong recommends using S-543 High Moisture Adhesive, which allows for increased moisture limits and seaming options. With this adhesive, wait time is reduced and moisture remediation systems are not needed.

Weld rods are available in solid colors for all products and pattern-matching colors for ColorArt Medintone Sheet and ColorArt Medintech Sheet.

Aseptic places like operating rooms require all surfaces, including flooring, to be scrubbed and disinfected quickly and easily to help maximize fast patient access.

Armstrong sheet products have a low-maintenance UV-cured coating that eliminates the need to polish or spray buff. Using these products saves time and money, and reduces lifecycle costs.

Homogeneous flooring options have a smooth, low-textured surface that is easy to clean and disinfect.

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