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Strand Cork Cabanas Brown - TP748
Natural Creations Mystix
0.125 in.

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Strand Cork Champagne - TP746
Natural Creations Mystix
0.125 in.

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Cork - WS108

Flooring Accessories

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Bruce Equalizer Adhesive
...except for solid wood strip) Primed, poured-in-place gypsum subfloors Ceramic Cork flooring and acoustic cork Type: Urethane - A moisture-cured urethane adhesive contains...
History of Linoleum | Armstrong Linoleum
...established in Europe, several around Delmenhorst, Germany, which is noted for its cork processing. In the early 20th century, Armstrong went to market with its...

Planning and Design

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Armstrong South Gate Plant
...true since day one when Thomas Armstrong took the waste from his cork factory and used it to manufacture linoleum flooring. As a founding member...
Case Studies - Ritenour School for Early Childhood Education — St. John, Missouri is produced from renewable materials including linseed oil, wood pulp and cork. The visual aspect of Armstrong’s linoleum made the choice even more...

Technical Data

Flooring Glossary - Armstrong
...or other resins or rosins, or an equivalent oxidized oleoresinous binder, ground cork, wood flour, mineral fillers, and pigments bonded to a burlap, jute or...


Press Release – Armstrong Featured in Eight Award-Winning Projects
...on-trend styles with manufacturing processes that include renewable resources, such as cork and linseed oil. This sustainable product was developed with durability and design...
Press Release – Armstrong Announces Quick Ship Programs for LVT
...Armstrong press release PHOTO: Armstrong Commercial Flooring, Natural Creations® LVT, Mystix® Strand Cork TP746 champagne, EarthCuts® Color Wash TP507 gold About Armstrong Armstrong World Industries...
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