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Strand Cork Cabanas Brown - TP748
Natural Creations Mystix
0.125 in.

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Strand Cork Champagne - TP746
Natural Creations Mystix
0.125 in.

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Cork - WS108

Flooring Accessories

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Bruce Equalizer Adhesive
...except for solid wood strip) Primed, poured-in-place gypsum subfloors Ceramic Cork flooring and acoustic cork Type: Urethane - A moisture-cured urethane adhesive contains...
ProConnect S-740 Professional Hardwood Adhesive
...underlayments Primed, poured-in-place gypsum subfloors (dust free Ceramic Steel Terrazzo Cork floors and acoustic cork Radiant-heated subfloors where the surface temperature does...

Planning and Design

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Case Studies - Ritenour School for Early Childhood Education — St. John, Missouri is produced from renewable materials including linseed oil, wood pulp and cork. The visual aspect of Armstrong’s linoleum made the choice even more...
Armstrong South Gate Plant
...true since day one when Thomas Armstrong took the waste from his cork factory and used it to manufacture linoleum flooring. As a founding member...

Technical Data

Flooring Glossary - Armstrong
...or other resins or rosins, or an equivalent oxidized oleoresinous binder, ground cork, wood flour, mineral fillers, and pigments bonded to a burlap, jute or...


Press Release – Armstrong Announces Quick Ship Programs for LVT
...Armstrong press release PHOTO: Armstrong Commercial Flooring, Natural Creations® LVT, Mystix® Strand Cork TP746 champagne, EarthCuts® Color Wash TP507 gold About Armstrong Armstrong World Industries...
Press Release – Armstrong Featured in Eight Award-Winning Projects
...on-trend styles with manufacturing processes that include renewable resources, such as cork and linseed oil. This sustainable product was developed with durability and design...
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