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Creating a meaningful shopping experience

Commercial Flooring Design Trends - Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood from a school was reassembled for the floor of the sales area.

Consumers are seeking a deeper, more meaningful experience when they shop. There is a strong desire for personal service, sense of community, storytelling, ease of shopping and fun. The experience of the environment and how it makes us feel is just as important as the products we are buying.

The Nike Running Store in the Flatiron Building in NYC used reclaimed materials from colleges and high schools to create a unique space that speaks to the running community. The entire shopping experience is personalized from the Nike + Innovation wall that lets you see your running prowess compared to your friends, to the passionate sales people who are just as fanatic about running as you are.

The floor was reclaimed from an old high school gym, and helps to create a unique look and feel to the space. The character and distressing of the wood helps to hide wear and tear in high traffic areas that are common in retail settings. Armstrong’s Natural Creations Luxury Flooring line has many rustic designs with reclaimed character that can help you create a unique experience like this one, with the clean ability of resilient flooring.

Nike Running Flatiron Store, NYC

Natural Creations ArborArt

Natural Creations EarthCuts

Natural Creations


Recycled benches from a school gym serve as seating on the sales floor.

Natural Creations®

Capture the essence of earth's woods, stones, metals, and original graphic designs with Natural Creations® LVT by Armstrong.

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