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New Flip™ Spray Adhesive for LVT, Vinyl Sheet, and VCT

Renovating a room is now quicker. Get in, get out and return the room to a function space with Flip spray adhesive. Installation is easy. Simply prep, pattern and protect. [MUSIC] Begin by sweeping. Damp mop with water to remove any remaining dust or debris. Now you're ready to begin. Use flip spray adhesive with LVT, Vinyl Sheet, or VCT. Spray while walking back and forth during application. Spray pattern guides are available on the bottle, through your Armstrong rep or online at [MUSIC] When using flip spraying adhesive, remember to protect walls, door jams and other areas in the room from overspray using a shield. Following these simple methods will ensure the best results. Once spraying is complete, allow the adhesive to cure for 20 to 30 minutes. Depending on the temperature and humidity of the room. Check readiness by simply touching the last location sprayed. Install the floor. Roll the floor. You can heat weld immediately. The only thing left to do is move in. This durable floor is now ready for rolling loads and foot traffic. Flip's spray adhesive along with Armstrong flooring provides the ultimate in quick, durable spray solutions. For more information on this great new product, call your Armstrong representative. Or visit [MUSIC]
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Flooring Spray Adhesive Video

It's easy to renovate small spaces with Flip™ Spray Adhesive.

Flooring Spray Adhesive Video 

It's easy to renovate small spaces with Flip™ Spray Adhesive.


Flip Spray Adhesive is the fast and easy solution for quick space renovations. This innovative flooring spray adhesive allows you to turn a small room in less time, returning the area to a functional revenue-generating space quicker.

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Benefits of Flip Spray Adhesive

  • Rooms are operational right away
  • Heat welding can be done after flooring is installed
  • Equipment can be returned immediately
  • The space is ready for heavy rolling loads
  • There are no strong fumes
  • Ideal for healthcare and retail environments
  • LVT, Sheet, and VCT can be installed quickly
  • The Armstrong Guaranteed Installation System warranty applies when combined with Armstrong Flooring

Key Features

  • Simple, one-step application process, no mixing required
  • High moisture (93% RH)
  • FloorScore® third-party certified
  • Zero VOC


Product Overview
Spray Pattern Reference Sheet (English/French)
Spray Pattern Reference Sheet (English/Spanish)
  Commercial LVT Flooring
  Commercial Vinyl Sheet Flooring
  Commercial VCT Flooring
cradle-to-cradle certified

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