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Product Spec Sheet - Rejuvenations StoneRun

6 ft (1.83 m) Wide x 82 ft (25 m) Max. Length

Reference Specs:
ASTM F 1303 Class A backing, Grade 1, Type I

Fire Test Data :
ASTM E 648 Critical Radiant Flux Class I - 0.45 or more watts/cm2

ASTM E 662 Smoke Developed 450 or less

Static Load Limit:
ASTM F 970 (modified) 750 psi (52.73 kg/cm2)

0.080 in (2.0 mm) overall (nominal)
0.022 in (0.55 mm) wear layer (nominal)

Durability :
0.080 in (2.0 mm) - Very Good

Maintainability :
0.080 in (2.0 mm) - Excellent

Resilience :
0.080 in (2.0 mm) - Excellent

Approximate Installed Cost (per Sq. Ft.):

0.080 in(2.0 mm): U.S.: $5.00 to $5.75
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