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Armstrong's Reclamation Program for VCT  = Realized Value

At Armstrong we're committed to providing a comprehensive closed loop Reclamation Program that reduces environmental impacts and provides an easy end of life solution.
What makes Armstrong’s Reclamation Program for VCT Unique?
  • National Program – available throughout the contiguous US
  • Freight – provided by Armstrong
  • Flexible – Armstrong VCT and other qualifying manufacturers’ VCT products, with or without adhesive
  • Resource Reduction – reclaimed materials are recycled into new VCT
  • Energy Reduction – optimized logistics through SmartWaySM Partners


VCT Recycling Brochure
Recycling Specifications
Recycling Benefit Savings Calculator
Cost Savings
Landfill Diversions - VCT disposal cost savings per truck
Environmental Reductions
  • Less Waste in Landfills
  • Less Use of Natural Resources (VCT to VCT)
  • Less Energy Consumption
  • Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Impact Results for Premium VCT Products
  • Reduced Natural Resources – up to 10% less
  • Reduced environmental product footprint over standard VCT: 4%–6% reduction in environmental impact categories (greenhouse gases, ozone depletion, acid rain, smog formation and water pollution)
  • Reduced energy and water consumption
  • Armstrong’s Recycling Program has recycled over 3 million pounds of post-consumer VCT
Qualify Your Project
To qualify a project, call 877-276-7876, option 2, then 7. Prefer jobs >8000ft2
Removal Processing of
Post-Consumer Materials
Recycling into products like
Armstrong's Raffia™ Tile
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