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Let‘s talk about sustainability – green dialogue!

Sustainability is the order of the day in today‘s society. The principle of people-focused development that not only preserves the environment and resources but at the same time manages to be economical and ensures that future generations can enjoy similarly high living standards as those we have today, is a challenge to which each and every one of us must rise.

The area of sustainable building, in particular, is a key discipline to ensure the sustainable future of our planet. Innovative architectural concepts, intelligent building techniques and of course the selection of the right building materials all combine to ensure that the ecological footprint of new structures built today has a significantly reduced impact on the environment and climate than was the case even only a few years ago.

Armstrong is a pioneer in sustainable building – as early as 1998 – when the term ‚sustainability‘ hardly registered in public awareness – our US headquarters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania were built as a „Green Building“ and, in 2007, were awarded the LEED‚ Platinum‘ certificate for existing buildings.

As a manufacturer of floor coverings, our attention is today focused on ensuring the sustainability of our products – starting with the raw materials used, the production process and the actual use of the product, right through to the subsequent recycling or thermal utilisation. As a result, our linoleum production site in Delmenhorst is certified according to the EU‘s Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) Regulation and EN ISO 14001, whilst our vinyl floor coverings are fully recyclable. Consequently, our products comply with strict environmental and ethical standards and are ideally suited to sustainable building applications compliant with all common certification systems. We work in conjunction with organisations including the U.S. Green Building Council (which awards the LEED certificate) and the BRE Group, and are also members of both the German Sustainable Building Council (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen, DGNB) and the European Resilient Flooring Manufacturer‘s Institute (ERFMI).

With this brochure, we wish to present our products and services from the perspective of sustainability for the first time. You will soon see that in Armstrong you have an expert, reliable partner for your sustainable building projects.

Together we can transform ideas into reality.

Kind regards,
Ton Raaphorst, Vice President Sales & Marketing