DLW Vinyl homogeneous conductive floor covering with enhanced electrical properties
Armstrong also has a range of conductive vinyl floor covering for various areas where requirements include electrical earthing. Conductive vinyl floor coverings have demonstrated their ability to meet all conductivity requirements – again and again.

Those in the Conductive category can keep vinyl conductive resistance to a maximum of 106 Ω (Ohm), and Royal ESD offers not only a maximum conductive resistance of 107 Ω, but also the ability to meet the local insulation rating required by VDE 0100.

Requirements for electrical grade floor coverings
The required electrical values are shown as maximum figures (in Ohms). Ohm resistance figures for the uninstalled product (R1) and earth resistance for the installed material (R2) are not to be confused. The manufacturing data illustrated applies to uninstalled material. If an earth resistance to ground is required, a conductive installation is also necessary. In many industrial areas, e.g. in electronic workshops, the electrical insulation to ground RST according to VDE 0100 needs to be complied with.

Computers and other electronic appliances may suffer interference from electrostatic charging. The charge voltage arising from the interference depends on the type of construction and the shielding of the appliances and signal circuits. Enquiries regarding recommendations for computer centres should be addressed to the computer manufacturers.

Only floor coverings specifically developed for this purpose can meet the simultaneous demand for discharge capability and electrical insulation to ground.

You can obtain further information about this from the Armstrong Technical Team by calling +49 7142 71-845 or sending an e-mail to

Antistatic vinyl floor covering
A floor covering is antistatic when a charge of 2.0 kV is not exceeded in the static electrical charge test according to EN 1815. At 25 % RH, this is below the threshold of human sensitivity and safeguards against any personal discomfort cased by electrostatic build-up. Armstrong DLW Vinyl homogeneous floor coverings are antistatic.