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2815-071 peach yellow Pastell Conductive 2815-071 peach yellow Armstrong Armstrong

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Product Type Vinyl Flooring
Product Family Homogeneous
Product Name Pastell Conductive
Item # 2815-071
NCS S 1050-Y30R
Thickness 2,2 mm
Width / Dimensions 60,8 cm x 60,8 cm
Thickness 2,2 mm
Width / Dimensions 183 cm x Variable Length

Through its conductivity Pastell Conductive is especially well-suited for medical areas, such as operating rooms, but also for industrial and micromanufacturing areas where sensitive electronic equipment needs to be protected.

The Pastell Conductive colours can be attractively combined with Pastell PUR as well as with Favorite PUR, Favorite R 10 and Favorite Acoustic flooring.

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