Flooring as a building block in sustainable construction

Environmental Product Declarations are the main building blocks for assessing the sustainablilty of buildings. The building itself and the individual construction products are assessed and certified over their entire life-cycle, which should impact the declarations of all products.

Environmental Product Declarations, abbreviated EPD, are based on ISO-standards and are internationally recognized. They consider the entire product life cycle, from energy and resource usage to the manufacturing process, from the utilization phase to waste removal. They also look at the extent to which a product contributes to the greenhouse effect, to overferilization and acidification of the ground, to the destruction of the ozone layer or to the creation of summer smog. Not least, they also consider technical properties such as lifespan or heat insulation and soundproofing. Special attention is paid to product lifespans as well as their maintenance, since, depending on the length of time the building has been in use, maintenance costs can constitute 80% of the total cost of a building on average.

The European Resilient Flooring Manufacturers’ Institute (ERFMI), of which Armstrong is also a member, provides an EPD-calculator to create an Environmental Product Declaration for an elastic floor covering in just a few steps. The data pertaining to all manufactures are based on the project, the building type and the lifespan. A free calculator is available online at