The DLW Vinyl Collection

Vinyl has evolved into one of the most widely used materials in industrial design and there are many good reasons behind its increasing popularity. Vinyl is not only wear-resistant, durable and hygienic, it is also easy to install and a pleasure to clean and maintain. And today, vinyl is available in a close to unlimited selection of designs, patterns and colours.

An extensive spectrum of high-quality vinyl flooring products (PVC) is available to suit all your needs: whether homogeneous or heterogeneous, design-oriented, cost-effective, and even delivering specific performance attributes such as conductivity, sound absorption, slip-resistance or suitability for wet area applications, in sheet or in tile formats.

DLW Vinyl is ideal for most high-traffic applications, such as in education, healthcare, industrial, R&D and even retail. DLW Vinyl also offers a number of significant environmental benefits, not the least of which is its PUR Eco System coating, which facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, and considerably reducing environmental impact.

Our high-quality vinyl products are manufactured in Europe. Our comprehensive service offering ensures our full support in providing you with flooring solutions that are as individual as your project.