The many benefits of DLW Vinyl floors

DLW Vinyl flooring with the PUR Eco System – benefits at a glance

  • Integrated, high-quality, UV-heated, tempered PUR polyurethane coating on almost all DLW Vinyl floor coverings
  • Minimal care required throughout the life of the flooring
  • Particularly easy to maintain due to a wide range of cleaning solutions
  • Resistant to indentation
  • Extremely durable
  • Suitable for chair castors (castors type W, EN 12529)
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Antistatic (protection for personnel < 2 kV)
  • Conductive options (Conductive and ESD ranges)
  • Colourfast
  • Resistance to acids and caustic solutions
  • Impact noise reduction
  • Flame-retardant (Bfl-s1) and self-extinguishing
  • Slip resistant (R 9/R 10 depending in product)
  • Suitable for installation over under floor heating
  • Low emission level