Colour Concept

„The dark ocean was abruptly covered by a thin veil of mist which seemed at the same time to have a very palpable consistency. Here and there the mist shook, and tremors spread out to the horizon in all directions. Now the ocean disappeared altogether beneath thick, corrugated membranes with pink swellings and pearly depressions, and these strange waves suspended above the ocean swirled suddenly and coalesced into great balls of blue-green foam. A tempest of wind hurled them upwards to the height of the Station, and, wherever I looked, immense membranous wings were soaring in the red sky. Some of these wings of foam, which blotted out the sun, were pitch-black, and others shone with highlights of purple as they were exposed obliquely to the sunlight.”

The passage is an except from stanislaw lem's the novel 'solaris', a visionary piece of literature published in 1961 that ceaselessly broke the generic boundaries of science fiction, interlinking perceptual psychology, utopia, cosmology and philosophy in a manner that few other works of this genre have since been able to repeat.

Inspired by lem's groundbreaking example, we have taken a similarly free approach to working with the subject of 'color'. our conscious aim was to deviate from the usual form of depicting colored walls, floors, ceilings and facades. to do so, we went way 'outside', choosing to use as the metaphor for our progressive color-room concepts the manifold and ever-changing spectacle of nature – its omnipotent might, its perpetual invention and dispersion of countless, constantly varying cloud formations.

These unraveling cloudscapes, these 'outdoor spaces' – allegorically employed to develop interior concepts. The creative power of nature as catalyst, as an incubator of ideas for innovative interior design. Surfaces may be colored in the widest variety of ways. what interests us here is the aspect of stillness and chaos. a sky clears up and then sends in the clouds once more. we have transferred this dynamic to our color concepts by treating entire surfaces with myriads of colors, lending them lustrous, iridescent and overlapping qualities.

Our concept is intended as a departure from the usual approach of perceiving 'ordinary' spaces in 'ordinary' ways. by creating surreal colorscapes and by shifting between the poles of 'vacant' and 'occupied', our concept makes the case for the extreme use of color – dazzling explosions of color, progressively piling layers of shimmering projections that fill the senses with a lingering, splendid noise.