Design is among the most critical components for creating a positive and profitable healing environment in today's highly complex and competitive healthcare arena. Hospital systems, clinics, medical office buildings and continuing care communities alike must carefully blend design, technology and functionality in order to promote the health and well-being of patients and their families; to create a safe and productive working environment for staff; and to ensure the long-term success and prosperity of the organization.

The MEDS(Medical, Environment, Design, Solutions) program from Armstrong was specifically developed to address this challenge by helping architects, designers, facility planners and healthcare executives devise medical environment design solutions that effectively meet the unique and demanding needs of any healthcare setting.

This comprehensive approach is based on a solid understanding of today's healthcare landscape and the importance of matching the right product with the right space to achieve optimum results.

Whether you are building a new facility, planning an addition or renovating existing space, you can count on Armstrong as your single source partner for an extensive range of healthcare-focused flooring solutions to meet your design, performance and budget requirements - now and in the future.

Armstrong Flooring Products for Healthcare Environment

Operating Rooms

Armstrong homogeneous vinyl sheets are the most durable floors. Solid vinyl construction resists indentations, cuts and gouges. Excellent stain resistance. Heat weldinig blocks direct and moisture for clean, more aseptic seam.

Flooring Products for Operating Rooms

Patient Corridors

Armstrong's commercial floors are both durable and attractive, resistance to rolling and static loads, easy maintainability, scuff and dirt resistance.

Flooring Products for Patient Corridors

Exam/Procedure Rooms

Armstrong's commercial floors offer a wide choice of colors and designs to complement other furnishings and finishes, providing a comfortable environment. Excellent resistance to indentation from static and rolling loads.

Flooring Products for Exam/Procedure Rooms

Doctor/Dentist Offices

Armstrong floors can easily be maintained by regular damp mopping with mild detergent.

Flooring Products for Doctor/Dentist Offices

Patient Rooms

Armstrong has wide range selection of colors, including soft, soothing hues which are ideal for patient rooms where a recuperative, home-like environment is required. Armstrong floors can easily be maintained by regular damp mopping with mild detergent.

Flooring Products for Patient Rooms