Ctrip Office Building


The Challenge:
  • Up to 5,000 square meters per floor, equipped with more than 1,500 computers, thus requiring high anti-static performance and good scuff resistance for the flooring.
  • Seeking a flooring solution to match the distinctive décor and design of the ground floor coffee bar.
  • Selecting flooring that fits in with offices from the perspective of product performance and maintenance.

The Armstrong Solution:
  • A variety of flooring products that can meet the requirements of different areas of an office environment.
  • A great variety of linoleum flooring products and colors can realize any design style.
  • Vinyl sheet series with excellent performance and cleaning friendliness & easy maintenance are particularly suitable to an office environment.

Product Specs:
  • Possibilities-Petit Point: a built-in granule structure, 1.83-meter wide, 15-25-meter long, adopting PUR coating with outstanding durability and low maintenance cost.
  • Marmorette: homogeneous quality structure throughout the thickness of the floor, 2 meters wide, 16-30 meters long, adopting PUR coating, 60 color options available plus low maintenance cost.
  • Both of the above two products meet the USA FloorScore standard, conducive to more LEED scoring.

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Ctrip Office Building

Ctrip is a leading online travel service company in China. Its newly built office building of up to 5,000 square meters per floor will be equipped with more than 1,500 computers. As such, high anti-static performance and good scuff resistance are required for the flooring to create a quite and solemn workplace for the owner and it is hoped that the coffee bar located on the ground floor can become a leisure area of tailored design and style with coordinated flooring design.

The designer recommended anti-static flooring to the owner first while the owner also began seeking such flooring. At this time, our Armstrong sales engineers learnt this and contacted the owner. They thoroughly listened to the owner's flooring requirements and then contacted two of our designers, one is an office space designer the other is a coffee bar designer.

We first communicated with the designers on the anti-static issue. Because our linoleum flooring and vinyl sheet flooring can totally meet the anti-static requirements of an office environment, thus selecting special anti-static flooring can be dispensed with. After winning the consent of the designers, we communicated with the owner about this to which the owner totally agreed. And then we presented the concept of homogeneous formulation throughout the thickness of the floor to the owner. The owner recognized such concept and required us to recommend products. We recommended linoleum flooring and built-in granule vinyl sheet Possibilities-Petit Point. The owner was satisfied with the samples of both products but very prudently, they demanded setting-up of two mock-up rooms to see the effect. After the completion of the two mock-up rooms, the owner thoroughly reviewed the two mock-up rooms floored with Marmorette linoleum and Possibilities-Petit Point. It turned out that the owner was very satisfied with the effect of the mock-up rooms.

In the ground-floor coffee bar design, we adopted colorful Marmorette linoleum matching the overall décor style of the coffee bar to provide a personalized design plan. The design plan won immediate favor from professional designers upon being unveiled hence Marmorette linoleum has been approved.

In addition, the easy care and maintenance property of linoleum flooring and vinyl sheets also factored in the owner's final considerations for choice. The completed flooring has completely met the owner's expectations and a splendid and comfortable office environment won a high opinion from both the owner and the designers.

* FloorScore™ is a US nocuous emissions testing program for building materials. LEED® is the leadership in energy and environmental design.