The National Stadium (Bird's Nest)


The Challenge:
  • Location: Beijing Olympic Park
  • Construction area: 258,000sqm
  • Number of seats: fixed seats 91,000; temporary seats 11,000
  • Function during Olympic: Opening and closing ceremony, Athletic and football final
  • Function after Olympic: Sport and entertainment place for Beijing citizen, Land mark of sport construction in Beijing
  • Armstrong floor area: 35,000sqm MARMORETTE™
  • Application area: Gathering hall
  • Traffic load: Max. 20,000 per game

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The National Stadium (Bird's Nest)

"Bird's Nest" is the main stadium for 29th Olympic game in 2008. The initial consideration of floor material by designer is epoxy. But the successful application of linoleum in Olympic basketball gymnasium has attracted the attention of the project owner and the designer, especially the vice mayor of Beijing. That make it possible to use linoleum in "Bird's Nest".

The fire performance requirement of "Bird's Nest" for all construction material is class A. But all the floor material can only achieve B1. So the specialist from Beijing Fire Protection Bureau and Institute of China Construction Material did a special fire and environmental test. Besides Armstrong linoleum, the PVC floor from polyflor and Gerflor are also joined the test. Armstrong linoleum has excelled on both tests. According to the technician of Beijing Fire Protection Bureau, for fire performance, the flame on linoleum spread slowly, and leaves only ash after burned; while on other product flame spread fast and leave jelly like material. For environmental test, linoleum has lowest emitting. The test result became the critical factor to choose linoleum.

After linoleum has been decided, our main competitor became Forbor. "Bird's Nest" has not very good sub floor condition. Part of the floor is half exposed, and possibly been reached by rain and dust. According to this special condition, our sales engineer and technical support team provided a targeted installation solution. The Bird's Nest has very tight installation lead time. Our sales engineer asked for the help from company, and got enough attention from the top management. Even Mike Lockhart has coordinated with DLW linoleum plant to ensure the deliver time. Finally Armstrong wined this project with Marmorette because of our outstanding product performance and professional service even with lower price from Forbor. With fully support from sales team, CS, logistic and our distributor, the linoleum floor has delivered to site on time. The first bath 13,000sm has been installed within 10 days, and the 2nd batch 19,000sm in 15 days.

The successful in "Bird's Nest" shows Armstrong's global team work: professionality of sales, marketing and technical support in China; on time delivery from DLW Germany, outstanding service of CS and logistic and full support from top management. All those effort just for one purpose just like the slogan of 2008 Olympic -One World, One Dream-.