National Aquatics Center (WaterCube)


The Challenge:
  • Location: Beijing Olympic Park
  • Construction area: 79,532 sqm
  • Number of seats: fixed seats 6,000; temporary seats 11,000
  • Function during Olympic: Swimming, diving, water ballet
  • Function after Olympic: Water sports centre for Beijing citizen
  • Armstrong floor area: 3,000 sqm MARMORETTE™
  • Application area: Passageway
  • Traffic load: Max. 10,000 per game

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National Aquatics Center (WaterCube)

National Aquatics Center (WaterCube) is a crystal building with wonderful design, sophisticated structure, laconic sculpt and friendly to environment, so as to be an classic architecture in a century Olympic history. Armstrong is honored to be flooring vender of the blue crystal palace after the Olympic Basketball Gymnasium.

WaterCube was planned to use water-worn stones as flooring. When the designer and owner visited Olympic Basketball Gymnasium, they were impressed by the effect of Armstrong Linoleum flooring and decided to set up mock-ups in WaterCube. The competitor are PVC flooring from Tarkett and Rubber flooring from NORA, and each of them set up a mock-up. The designer was partial to the color of Tarkett's flooring. When the mock up finished, he found that not only the color & performance but also installation technical, Armstrong's mock up completely meet the designer & owner's high requirement and standard. Finally, Armstrong's Marmorette and NORA's Rubber flooring are succeed to be specified by the designer & owner.