Olympic Basketball Gymnasium


The Challenge:
  • Location: Wukesong Sports Centre
  • Construction area: 63,000 sqm
  • Number of seats: fixed seats 14,000; temporary seats 4,000
  • Function during Olympic: Basketball
  • Function after Olympic: Sports centre for Beijing citizen, NBA games
  • Armstrong floor area: 27,000 sqm (12,000 sqm MARMORETTE™ & 15,000 sqm Accolade Plus)
  • Application area: Gathering hall & Office
  • Traffic load: Max. 20,000 per game

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Olympic Basketball Gymnasium

Olympic Basketball Gymnasium is the first important Olympic project of Armstrong. Marmorette and Accolade Plus were specified as the flooring in the Gathering hall and Office with 27,000 sqm total. The excellent performance, colorful design and perfect installation impressed the designers, owners and even the leaders of Beijing, which result to our flooring specified in Bird's Nest and WaterCube.

The designer was partial to Tarkett's flooring and the color sample was also from Tarkett. But after analyzing the under floor heating sub floor condition, our sales and technical engineers provided customized floor solution to the designer of Basketball Gymnasium. Furthermore their product introduction also impressed the chief designer with the color and pattern of Armstrong's product. Therefore, the chief designer of Olympic Basketball Gymnasium gives us the chance to bid and to set up mock-up room. Armstrong's distributor airfreights the material, and our technician perfectly install our product on the complicated sub floor. The finished mock up completely meet the designer & owner's highest requirement and they both specified Armstrong's Marmorette and Accolade Plus.