The Boys and Girls Club - Hall Countys


The Challenge:
  • Use vibrant colors and design to create a fun-filled atmosphere.
  • Select floors that install and maintain easily, within a modest budget.
  • Use imaginative patterns to maximize the floor's design potential throughout the facility.

The Armstrong Solution:
  • Standard Excelon® Imperial Texture includes a wide selection of coordinating bright colors for fields, accents and insets.
  • Armstrong™ VCT has legendary quality for installation ease, plus easy maintenance, at a budget-sensitive price.
  • A color-integrated palette of neutral and accent colors creates virtually unlimited design options.

Product Specs:
  • 1/8 inch thick, 12 x 12 inch VCT tiles in a comprehensive color palette.
  • Color and design are through-pattern to last for the life of the floor.
  • Consistently ranked No. 1 by customers for quality and durability.

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The Boys and Girls Club - Hall Countys

The address says it all. "One Positive Place." That's how teenagers at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hall County, Georgia, feel about their organization's new building addition in Gainesville. The multifunctional space is an expansion of the original facility, including a new game room, café area, multi-purpose area, lounge, and interconnecting hallways. Throughout the building, bright colors of Armstrong™ Standard EXCELON® Imperial® Texture vinyl composition tile (VCT) are installed in a creative series of geometric designs. The vibrant interior supports the Club's goal to have an inspirational place where teens are free to imagine, to dream, and to belong.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Hall County exist to help boys and girls, generally from disadvantaged circumstances, develop the qualities needed to become responsible citizens and leaders. Programs offered to youth include character and leadership development, education and career development, health and life skills, the arts, and sports/fitness recreation. Designing a building with multi-functional spaces that support this multifaceted strategy, with sensitivity to a minimal budget and an eye towards easy maintenance, presented an interesting challenge for architects and designers at Hussey, Gay, Bell & DeYoung (HGBD). But, HGBD designers in this global firm, which was recognized for Educational Interior Design Excellence in the American School and University magazine 2005, have years of experience and service offering creative solutions to complicated design challenges. Their experience on similar projects lead them to Armstrong™ Imperial® Texture, for, in their words, "the great color selection and demonstrated history of durability."

HGBD interior designer Liz Hovey Elegreet, says, "The building was designed with a lot of natural light, which gave us the opportunity to use vibrant colors. Also, the main, centrally located area was designed to be multifunctional. We needed to use products that would allow us to create several spaces within that one larger area. Finally, we wanted to give the space a sense of style that was fun and functional, but not childish for the teens. The floor pattern plays a major role in accomplishing our multifaceted design scheme. Armstrong tile allowed us to accomplish all of our design and performance goals within the client's budget." Armstrong's selection of Imperial Texture tiles includes over 75 colors in a rainbow of tone-on-tone combinations suitable for high-traffic spaces.

Designers selected Imperial Texture VCT, and created an inventive geometric floor pattern using buttercream yellow, little green apple, tyrian purple, violet bloom and maraschino. Field areas, boarders and insets use all the colors interchangeably. In the building's large central room, the floor design plays a number of roles. It creates smaller sub-spaces to humanize the expansive area. The colors coordinate with the walls and fixtures for design consistency. The floor's geometric insets pick up on architectural details including the multi-panel window wall that divides this room from other areas. Much like a quilted fabric, the interplay of colors and overlapping shapes create a visual dynamic that is almost dimensional-looking.

The color and design are true through-pattern to last for the life of the floor. Elegreet confirms, "These spaces need to withstand a lot of teen activities, which can be rough on a floor. And, the floors need to stay good-looking for a long time." This installation, which was completed in April 2006, is expected to last for the lifetime of the building. Installing the Imperial Texture tiles proved to be no problem for the installer, Roger Smith Commercial Floors. Elegreet says, "The installer had no trouble following the floor pattern plan. The installation went very smoothly, with no hitches and no need for technical assistance." Imperial Texture sets the industry standard for VCT quality. Tiles have square edges and flat surfaces; are packed face to face to prevent surface scratches; and have superior color consistency in each lot. This legendary quality contributes to hassle-free installations, especially for multiple color projects, and for projects that require custom-cutting.

The Boys & Girls Clubs are very proud of their new building. Other Boys & Girls Clubs that are planning similar projects have come to this facility to see the creative design. In a sense, the floor design itself sets an example for the teens. It shows that even on a tight budget, a little imagination and a bright outlook can accomplish great things.