Armstrong Flooring's Australian made vinyl floor and wall products achieve third party Certification by NCS International to the Green Building Council of Australia's "PVC Credit" and by ecospecifier to GreenTag® Greenrate 'level A' permits use of Armstrong Flooring's best practice PVC products in GBCA Green Star projects.

Armstrong Flooring's Accolade Plus, Accolade Safe, Accolade Foothold, Eco-Accolade, Expressions, Infinity, Infinity Safe and Wallflex are the only Australian made flooring products to comply with the GBCA Best Practice guidelines for PVC in the built environment.

Using these products can contribute to your project earning up to two points towards your new building's GBCA Green Star rating.

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“The 2016 Workplace Gender Equality report has been lodged with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (Agency).

Comments on the report can be made directly to Armstrong Flooring Human Resources at or to the Agency. Please refer to the Agency’s guidelines on this process on their website”

Green Building Council of Australia PVC Credit

Armstrong Flooring best practice PVC products are independently verified by NCS International Pty Ltd to meet the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) best practice PVC guidelines and therefore these products can contribute towards satisfying the PVC credit in the following Green Star™ rating tools;  Healthcare v1, Education v1 & Office Interiors v1.1.

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Australian Flooring Manufacturer receives PVC Stewardship Excellence Award

For the third year in a row Armstrong Flooring, Australia’s only manufacturer of commercial vinyl flooring was awarded the Vinyl Council of Australia’s PVC Stewardship Excellence Award.This award recognises and celebrates excellence in achieving the aims of the Product Stewardship program which is an on-going, long-term, voluntary undertaking by the Australian PVC industry to recognise, and progressively address, all relevant environmental, health and safety issues within responsible and deliverable timeframes.

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PVC Product Stewardship

The Australian PVC industry's Product Stewardship Program (PSP or 'the Program'), launched in 2002, is a voluntary initiative setting out a series of commitments to address environmental and health issues associated with the life cycle of polyvinyl chloride (PVC, or vinyl).

This is an ongoing, long-term undertaking of the Australian PVC industry to recognise and progressively address all pertinent environmental issues within responsible and deliverable timeframes. Signatories commit to a range of actions in areas including manufacturing emissions, additives and end-of-life management. These Commitments bind the Signatories to deliver specific outcomes.

The Program is dynamic. It can demonstrate many achievements which have improved the health and environmental impacts of vinyl products. Stakeholder feedback, Signatory reporting and expert scientific and technical research are just some of the ways the PSP achieves progress on its Commitments. For more detail see

Armstrong Flooring are supporters and signatories to the PVC Industry Product Stewardship Program, Australia as part of our commitment Armstrong Flooring offers a publically available Product Stewardship Program (PSP) which encompasses contractual arrangements with customers to take products back at the end of the product's in-use phase, as such Armstrong Flooring will provide appropriate arrangements to collect off cuts and end of life products for recycling into new flooring products or recycling by an external facility.
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Ecospecifier GreenTag® Certifications

Armstrong Flooring Accolade Plus, Accolade Safe,  Accolade Foothold, Infinity, Eco-Accolade, and Wallflex have received certification to ecospecifier GreenTag® Certification Level A enabling these products to contribute to achieving maximum available points under applicable GreenStar™ Material Calculator Credits such as Healthcare v1 & Education v1 IEQ-8 & Mat-11.

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