5A513571 Cappuccino


A new innovation in slip resistant vinyl flooring. Developed especially to satisfy the growing market demand for an enhanced slip-retardant, easy maintenance, less demanding floor covering.

  • Accolade Safe was born from the demand for an "easier to maintain" slip resistant floor covering.
  • A "safety floor" without impregnated silicon carbide chips that attract and hold dirt and increase the maintenance effort and the wear and tear on cleaning equipment.
  • The embossed surface (reduces aquaplaning), while aiding slip resistance, also helps to hide subfloor imperfections.
  • Use of recycled PVC.
  • Slip resistance: Wet/barefoot ramp test(B);Oil-wet Ramp test (R10)/Wet Pendulum(X).
  • Forms a family with Accolade Plus to mix and match in various areas(e.g. bathroom/room).
  • Now available in all 23 of the Accolade Plus colours in Australia

Product Features

Product Type Safety Flooring
Item # 5A513571

2.0 mm
1.83 m x 16 m

Please note: Colours illustrated are matched as closely as possible. Variation from sample may appear.