BRM1052WAAU Walnut Autumn Dusk


Bruce® is a premium hardwood flooring brand which brings the richness of nature to your contemporary lifestyle, besides expressing your taste for perfection. Bring home the timeless beauty and enduring quality of authentic hardwood with Bruce®. Choose from rich cherry, smooth walnut, classic oak and other variations.

In addition to beauty, Bruce® spells quality and durability. Thanks to its advanced manufacturing process, each strip and plank of Bruce® is stringently tested. You can be rest assured; your floors will stay beautiful and offer unsurpassed performance through the years.

Product Features

Product Type Hardwood
Product Line American Exotics
Item # BRM1052WAAU

10.5 mm
120 mm x Random length 400 to 1200 mm
Species Walnut
Finish Permion
Edge / End Detail Micro Beveled
Face Treatement Traditional

Please note: Colours illustrated are matched as closely as possible. Variation from sample may appear.