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Our ethics program was in place long before it was required by law. From the beginning, our founder Thomas Armstrong was determined his company act with fairness and in the "balanced best interests (of) customers, stockholders, employees, suppliers, community neighbors, government and the general public."

Armstrong was among the first American entrepreneurs to discard the old business maxim of Caveat emptor--"Let the buyer beware"--and invoke a new principle, "Let the buyer have faith", a company motto that endures today.

In 1960, Armstrong adopted its Operating Principles which incorporate the ethical philosophy of Thomas Armstrong and his successors.

In 1992, the company built on these Operating Principles and established its “Code of Business Conduct” which all employees, including the chief executive officer, the chief financial officer and the controller, are required to observe. The current version of our code was introduced in 2011.

In 2002, the company adopted an additional Code of Ethics for Financial Professionals, which all professionals in the company’s finance and controller functions worldwide, including the chief financial officer, the controller, and the financial management of each of its business units are required to observe.

These codes (and any amendments or waivers that may be allowed) are available to the public here.

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