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Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program Double Hitter on WGAL-TV in Lancaster, Pa.

The Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program was featured recently on central Pennsylvania TV station WGAL as part of an area hospital renovation story and for Earth Day

We picked up 22,000 square feet of ceiling tile from the Lancaster General Hospital (LGH) Outpatient Health Center in Columbia, Pa., and trucked them to our Marietta, Pa., ceilings plant to be recycled into new tiles. This coverage prompted a follow-up story on our Ceiling Recycling Program in celebration of Earth Day.

Anita Snader, environmental sustainability manager – ABP, was on site to answer questions about the project and program, including the exciting news that 2009 marks the 10-year anniversary of our program which was created in 1999.

By recycling the 22,000 square feet of ceiling tile, Armstrong and LGH:

  • saved enough water to power 1.25 homes for a year;
  • diverted 11 tons of material, equal to 1,200 tires, from the landfill;
  • eliminated about 5,000 kilograms of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, the amount emitted from driving around the world 1.6 times;
  • saved about 21,000 gallons of water or 1,953 loads of laundry;

Click top video to watch the hospital renovation news clip. Click bottom video to watch the Earth Day story.

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