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Armstrong Flooring Hosts Design Council

July 29, 2011 3:47 pm    Posted by Jeanette McCuaig    off

Following flooring design trends is how we stay on top of what’s happening in the flooring industry. When we know what’s “hot” in the southwest and other regions of North America, we can then begin to design the floors that homeowners may be looking for.

This year, we introduced the Design Council event, where we invite flooring experts to visit our headquarters in Lancaster, PA, to review flooring design trends for similarities and differences by region.

At our recent Design Council meeting last week, six leaders from builder and property management groups all over the U.S. met with us to share their thoughts about the design trends they’re seeing. On the builder side were associates who help home buyers find flooring when they’re building a new home. On the property management side were associates who decide what flooring options will be sold for apartments and military housing. These industry experts came prepared to share their insights on trends and regional differences and provide feedback on our floors related to their markets.

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A World of Flooring Options

July 21, 2011 11:19 am    Posted by Kim Lefever    Comments (5)

Recently, a consumer on one of our social media sites asked for advice on finding a floor. She said she wanted an Armstrong floor in a specific color. That was all the information she gave us. Now, we make more than 2,000 different flooring options under four different brand names, and many of those floors are available in the color she requested. We told her we needed to know a little more before we made any recommendations.

Finding the right floor for your home can be overwhelming at times – there are so many choices. That’s because there are so many consumers with different tastes and different decorating styles! To help you – and our social customer – find a floor, let me offer a few thoughts.

When you’re looking for an Armstrong floor, first consider what type of floor you’re looking for. Armstrong makes hardwood, luxury vinyl, vinyl sheet and tile, laminate and linoleum. Below is a description of each of our flooring options and their benefits. more ►

6 Reasons Laminate Is So Popular

July 6, 2011 4:14 pm    Posted by Kim Lefever    Comments (2)

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of a laminate floor, we’ve got the “pros” all laid out for you here.

1. Laminate floors can look like real hardwood. Many homeowners prefer the wood look because it creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. But you can also find laminate floors that look like stone, slate and other natural materials.

2. Laminate floors install quickly and easily. In fact, they’re a perfect DIY installation. With Armstrong’s Lock&Fold installation system, the flooring planks and strips just snap together. No glue. No complicated equipment. more ►

Choosing a Laminate Floor for the Bedroom

3:51 pm    Posted by Kim Lefever    Comments (3)

Install a laminate floor in the bedroom? Of course! Many homeowners are choosing laminate for the bedroom because they’re looking for an alternative to carpet or because they prefer the look of hardwood or ceramic tile for a fraction of the price. Laminate is also a popular choice for DIYers who prefer to handle the flooring installation themselves. In addition, it’s an excellent flooring option if you have kids and pets.

Let’s talk about the considerations you need to think about when choosing a laminate floor for your bedroom.

Your Style. Are you an urban trendsetter or an ultra-modernist? Do you prefer French Country to country? Do you favor romantic styles with soft colors and small prints? What style makes you happiest? Floor shopping is not the time to break out of your style comfort zone. A good way to avoid a case of “flooring buyer’s remorse” is to order laminate flooring samples from our flooring website or from an independent retailer or home center. more ►

Get an Estimate for a New Floor

July 1, 2011 2:59 pm    Posted by Kim Lefever    off

You’ve been thinking about installing a new floor in your (pick one): dining room, kitchen, bathroom or living room for years. So, what’s really holding you back from walking into a flooring store or home center and picking out the floor you want?

Wondering if the floor you want will hold up to the kids and the dog? Concerned the floor that looks great in a picture won’t look the same in your home? Or is it cost? While buying a floor isn’t like replacing the roof, it is a significant investment for most homeowners. Let’s explore the cost of a new floor in more detail.

How do you know if you can afford the floor you want? Start with an estimate – a fast and simple estimate you can do yourself using our Project Estimator. The Project Estimator tool is easy to use, and it will give you a good idea about how much your entire flooring project will cost – from removing the existing floor to replacing the subfloor and installing the new floor. more ►