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Make a Flooring Match!

August 19, 2011 4:39 pm    Posted by Kim Lefever    Comments (4)

So you’re looking for a floor. Let’s say you’re starting from scratch. You’re ready to replace your floor, but you don’t know what to replace it with. You like hardwood, but you’re not sure if it’s in your budget. You’ve heard good things about the durability of laminate and how easy it is to install, but you need to learn more about it. Vinyl sheet is a possible option, but you’re not convinced you’ll be able to find the look you’re going for. Right now, you’ve got more questions than answers.

Finding the right floor for your home may seem as challenging as finding the right spouse or partner in life. Just like there are so “many fish in the sea,” there are so many different kinds of floors available. Armstrong, in fact, makes more than 2,000 floors in 6 different flooring categories: hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, vinyl sheet, vinyl tile and linoleum. That’s a lot of options!

In looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, maybe you or someone you know has used an online dating service. These services use a filtering process to narrow your options for a good match. That process typically asks for your preferences in areas like: age, location, education level reached, number of tattoos, and other relevant subjects. After you’ve identified your preferences, the service gives you a list of the people that closely match those preferences.

Now, let’s apply a similar matching system to finding a floor. Armstrong has created a kind of “floor-dating” service called Floor Finder. Just like with an online dating service, Floor Finder asks you a set of questions about the type of floor you’re looking for and then provides your flooring “matches” in a descending order of preference by category (hardwood, laminate, vinyl, etc.).

Floor Finder is easy to use – and fun! All you have to do is answer 5 simple multiple-choice questions:

    • In which room will your floor be installed?

    • What decorating style do you have in mind?

    • How would you describe your lifestyle?

    • Will you install the floor yourself?

    • What is your flooring budget?

After you’ve selected your choices, Floor Finder will deliver your top “matches!” Now all you have to do is browse your flooring category and fall head over heels in love – with your new floor!

4 Responses to “Make a Flooring Match!”

  1. Frank Saraceno says:

    I’m looking to replace an indoor/outdoor carpet in an enclosed porch. I live in the Northeast and the the enclosed porch is a three season room which is not heated or insulated. Temperature ranges are from 90 degrees + to below zero occasionally during the winter months.

    I like some of the stone look. What materials/flooring should I be looking at other than carpet that could withstand these environemental conditions?


    • kim says:

      Hi Frank!
      Thanks for your question!

      Unfortunately, we can’t suggest an Armstrong floor for your enclosed porch. Armstrong floor products are only recommended in climate-controlled environments, and we don’t recommend any of our floors in environments that would drop below 55 deg F. Below 55 degrees, products could possibly become brittle and crack. Thanks for checking with us!

    • Shelly says:


      I would suggest slate tile. We used that on our screened in porch and it has held up wonderfully for the five years it has been down. We did grout it, but we did not seal it. We are in Missouri and have temperatures similar to you. After the horrible winter we just had, I am convenienced it was the right flooring. Hope this helps!