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Write a Flooring Review and You Could Win $500!

September 9, 2011 4:36 pm    Posted by NECarl    Comments (6)

How to Write a Flooring Review

When was the last time you bought something without first scouring through reviews online? I will read through a ridiculous number of reviews to be sure I am making the right decision. Four hundred reviews on this pair of shoes? I don’t mind if I do! That’s just for a pair of shoes, by the way. If we’re talking about a bigger purchase that I’ll have to live with for years to come – like flooring, well, it’s time to bring on the heavy duty research. Because we know it’s important to you, too, we here at Armstrong felt it was time to open up our site for flooring reviews.

If reviews help me make my decision to buy a product, I feel obligated to pay it forward…that is to write my own review. Why? Well, I like sharing my opinions. It makes me feel important, like someone else might be helped. If the product gives me any emotion, I want other people to know!

Like reviews you might read on other goods and services websites, we expect reviews on our site to be sincere and honest. You’ll see only reviews from people who have purchased and installed flooring, not just looked at it in a store. Also, we don’t believe in showing only the good reviews. We want the reviews to be helpful to you, and that means showing the good, the bad, and the fabulous!

Here are some tips for writing a flooring review:

•   Be descriptive. Tell readers about the flooring product you bought.
•   Share some details about the project (what room was it in? New construction or remodel?)
•   Did you install it yourself or have a professional do it? How easy was it to install?
•   What do you like most about the flooring? Durability, look, feel underfoot?
•   What is it like to clean or maintain?
•   Write naturally about the things you like and dislike about your flooring product.

Ratings and Reviews Sweepstakes

Right now when you write a flooring review, you will be automatically entered into our sweepstakes for a $500 gift card. Here’s your chance to tell us – and everyone who visits our site – how you feel about your Armstrong floor. It’s easy to enter. Start by searching for your floor on our website. On the product page under the product swatch, find “Write a review.” Then follow the link and fill out the form.

Happy reading – and reviewing!