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Get Design Help to Create Your New Room

December 1, 2011 4:28 pm    Posted by Kim Lefever    off

Design A Room

Does your Wish List this year include a brand new floor? Whether you’re actually shopping for a new floor or just dreaming about one, you can use our Design a Room tool to help you visualize what a new floor might look like in your home. Design a Room is an interactive program that lets you experiment with wall colors and flooring options so you can see the room you have in mind come to life. There are 20 different room scenes to choose from – covering a wide variety of room types and room styles.

Here’s how to use the tool:

First, choose the room type where you plan to install your new floor: Kitchen, Bathroom, Living/Family Room or Bedroom. Then select the design style of that room. Is it Casual, Contemporary, Traditional, Eclectic or European Country?

After you make your selection, you’re now ready to design your room. This is the fun part! Try out different colors and flooring options to find the design ideas that match your decorating style.

Design Your Room in 5 Easy Steps

1. First, choose the most important part of the room: your floor! Your choices are: hardwood, laminate, vinyl sheet, vinyl tile and luxury vinyl.

2. Next, to help you filter your choices after you pick your floor type, select the “look” you want for your floor, like Distressed Wood or Stones & Naturals or other options.

3. Now pick the color of your floor – white, tan, brown, copper and more.

4. After you select your floor, you can choose the paint color for your walls. Look for “Walls” and “Select Wall Color” in the middle of the screen. Click the link and then select one of four painting manufacturers on the left: Pittsburgh Paints, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams or Olympic. Each manufacturer offers a different paint palette. Once you choose a paint company, roll over the paint chart on the right to find the colors that will work with your room style and flooring choice.

5. After you create the room scene(s) you like best, you can save them in another program called My Project so you can keep all your inspirational ideas in one place.

Design a Room lets you create the room you want. Using this tool, you can feel confident that you have selected a floor that fits your room and your decorating style. You’ll also save time at your local flooring retailer or home center because you’ll know exactly what type of floor to ask for!

Happy Shopping!

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