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The Newest Design Trend in Home Remodeling? Personalization!

December 9, 2011 7:59 am    Posted by Jeanette McCuaig    Comments (9)

Home Collection of Favorite Things

Decorating or remodeling a home can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Where to begin? First, it’s important to create an environment that reflects your personality and accommodates the way you live. Creating a beautiful home is as much a personal journey as it is about understanding the latest trends. It is not about being “matchy”, but mixing the pieces you love. So, how do you identify the things that seem to express your lifestyle, hobbies, and the mood you want to set?

One starting point could be a painting, a family heirloom, rug, or a personal collection. Find the things you love and build around them.

Another place to start is by simply looking at all the online and offline resources available today, like home decorating shows on television, Armstrong’s website and social networks like Pinterest, and design books and magazines. You’re sure to get lots of good ideas from these sources!

Many current home decorating trends are about making the home more functional and more personal.

Fascination of the Exotic

Spanish Saltillo vinyl sheet flooring

Thanks to technology and advancements in communications, globalization has introduced us to exotic cultures. This allows us to link the places we like to explore with the living space we create. One example is ethically made handicrafts and textiles. Armstrong’s Spanish Saltillo vinyl sheet flooring captures the beauty and richness of real terracotta tiles that you might find in an old European city.

Inspired by Nature

Rustic Loft Harbor Plank

Nature is to be admired and treasured. Reclaimed and repurposed textures give a home the look of social consciousness. Metallic and painted surfaces weathered by time are celebrated. Today’s color palettes are earth-toned: rich browns, mineral hues, and whispered grays that paint the indoor landscape. Nature-inspired accessories, such as botanicals and birds, are also popular decorative elements. To complement this design theme, Armstrong offers several stone and wood looks, like Rustic Loft Harbor Plank that resembles reclaimed wood.

Mix It Up

Classic Stone Travertine

We can now confidently mix different styles to create a space that is uniquely our own. Rustic & Refined: mixing rustic and refined furniture and accessories in a room, or worn and weathered with a little glitz thrown in. Old & New: pair Grandpa’s old favorite chair with a modern table or a classic stone travertine flooring with contemporary decor. Light & Dark: combine dark hardwood floors with white or blonde cabinetry. Don’t be afraid of contrasting colors or styles.

The most significant design trend today is making your space a reflection of your personal style! 

Jeanette McCuaig is the Principal Stylist in Residential Product Design. Jeanette has worked in the flooring design industry for more than 26 years. Her favorite blogging topics include: glass-back vinyl sheet, vinyl tile, Luxe and Alterna flooring products, as well as color and design trends. Away from her day job, Jeannette enjoys studying the history of costume and how fashion relates to modern times.