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Hand-Scraped Hardwood – The “New” Vintage Floor

January 26, 2012 4:34 pm    Posted by jamie    Comments (3)

The Dilemma

Armstrong Century Farm collection

What do you do when you need a new floor, but you want it to match an old house? My parents ran into this dilemma when they moved to Lancaster, PA, also known as the home of the Amish and whoopie pies. Many homes in the city of Lancaster were built in the 1700’s. While my parents’ house is not quite that old, it still dates to the late 1800’s.

Although the house had tons of charm, it also had the original floor, and no amount of refinishing was going to restore it to its glory days. My parents decided to replace the floor with another hardwood floor, in keeping with the character of the house, but they didn’t know exactly which hardwood floor to choose. They had ruled out a floor with a smooth, glossy finish, but they still had to pick the color, surface texture, gloss level, etc. Fortunately for my folks, I know a little something about hardwood floors.

Armstrong Century Farm collection

Classic Look Mixes with Eclectic Furnishings

Right about the time they were looking for a floor, Armstrong introduced new hand-scraped hardwood collections. The beauty of hand-scrapes is that they give a really cool vintage look, like a restored barn or loft, which is very popular. The planks are actually scraped by hand – individually – which makes each floor a one-of-a-kind. When I showed my parents a hand-scraped sample, they knew right away it was the right floor for their home: it fit with the age of the house and also had a weathered appearance so that normal wear and tear would look like part of the floor. My parents went with the Armstrong Century Farm collection and picked a warm cherry color for their dining room. They accented the floor with a funky animal print carpet and added contemporary furniture and fixtures. The result is a blend of traditional 19th century and modern design. Very fun, yet classic at the same time. My parents installed this hand-scraped flooring throughout the first floor and reversed the direction of the planks in their kitchen. This was easy to do and gives the appearance of a custom layout.

The “New” Vintage Floor

The floor fits so well in their home that all of their friends think it’s the original and comment on how great it looks. Of course, they’re surprised when my parents tell them that this “vintage” floor is actually a new flooring masterpiece from Armstrong.

Jamie Burgess is a Marketing Specialist, focusing on hardwood flooring, and has been with Armstrong for over 10 years. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan, which means most Fall Saturdays you can find her watching college football with her husband and 2 Labrador Retrievers. Her eclectic taste in home décor has her on an endless quest for innovative and unique decorating ideas!!