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Find the Perfect Kitchen Floor

February 3, 2012 4:46 pm    Posted by Rebecca Fisher    Comments (3)

Choosing a Kitchen Floor

Are you in this group? While cooking dinner for your family, you spill tomato sauce on the floor. When you bend down to wipe it up, you notice that your kitchen floor looks old, dingy, scratched, dull, ______ (fill in the blank). That prompts you to think: I need a new kitchen floor!

Okay, you’ve got the motivation. Now comes the obvious next step: finding the right floor for your kitchen. First, ask yourself: what do you want and need for your new floor? After design and color, you might choose moisture resistance, durability, stain resistance, or easy maintenance. Armstrong has a variety of floors in several categories with the design options and performance features many homeowners are looking for in their kitchens.

Our Kitchen Flooring Favorites

Alterna Reserve by Armstrong

To help steer you to a floor or a flooring category, I decided to conduct an impromptu survey with my co-workers in the Customer Services group to see which floor they would install in their kitchens. In the vinyl category, several of my colleagues chose either Alterna luxury vinyl or vinyl sheet. Team Alterna liked its “softness underfoot” and its “durability.” They also liked the authentic stone and tile looks in the Alterna and Alterna Reserve collections. Team Vinyl preferred vinyl’s ease of maintenance and resistance to staining. They mentioned you can find many stone, wood and unique decorative patterns that you are sure to love with vinyl!

The hardwood flooring of choice for team members was our new Performance Plus hardwood. Performance Plus has an acrylic-infused surface which makes it very durable and an excellent choice if you have kids and pets.

Laminate was also a popular choice with our group. They liked laminate because of the ease of installation, durability and appearance. The Rustics Collection and the Armstrong Premium Collection were among the favorites in this category. So much diversity in appearance makes laminate a great “go-to” product when you want to consider a variety of visuals.

Take the Next Step

Hopefully, I’ve helped make your selection a little easier. As you can see from my survey, finding a floor is a very personal choice! My suggestion would be to browse the products on our website and then visit your flooring store to see samples up close. You can even take samples home to try them out in your kitchen. With all of our options, I’m sure you’ll find your dream kitchen floor!

Rebecca Fisher, Customer Service Representative for Residential Products, has been with Armstrong for almost two years. She has worked in the home improvement industry for over 8 years. Her husband is an architect, and they love changing and improving their home – when they’re not chasing after their toddler. Rebecca loves helping her customers and enjoys blogging for Armstrong on topics she feels passionately about.