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Alterna – The Baby-Friendly Flooring

February 24, 2012 11:48 am    Posted by gina    Comment (1)

Armstrong Alterna Luxury Vinyl Floor

As a new mother, I am never at a loss to find something to worry about. Is the baby eating enough? Is the baby cold? Why is the baby crying? Why did the baby cough? The list goes on and on.

And now that our baby, Mia, is starting to crawl, I find even more things to worry about. Are the outlets covered? Are the cabinets childproof? Is the basement door closed? Are the dog and the baby in the same room? Like all parents, my constant concern is: am I creating a safe environment for my baby? 

Baby on the Move

When Mia started to show the first signs of crawling, we had about one joyous minute where we were overwhelmed with excitement, and then panic set in.

Our days of feeling secure that she would stay put, and thus could not get into trouble, were over. No more setting the table while Mia played in her gym. No more folding clothes in the laundry room while Mia sat on the floor playing with her toys. Once she had wheels under her, there was no holding her back.

Planning the Kitchen Floor for Baby

When we found out I was pregnant, my husband and I installed Alterna premium luxury vinyl tile in our kitchen in preparation for this exact moment. We didn’t want our little bundle of joy to get a chill from crawling on cold ceramic tile or risk having her fall and hurt herself on a hard, unforgiving stone floor.

With Alterna, everything is going according to plan.

Armstrong Alterna Luxury Vinyl

Alterna is truly a dream for any family with an “active lifestyle”. Mia loves crawling on our Alterna floor, and as a mother, I love it too. It’s warm and soft – the ideal surface for the crawling stage. Mia inches along, dragging her blocks and tea cups with her at all times. The floor doesn’t scratch or scuff from the toys, and it’s easy to clean so I can make sure my little one is staying as germ-free as possible.

The last thing a new mother needs to concern herself with is the kitchen floor being dangerous to her new baby. Alterna gives me one less thing to worry about. Thank goodness, boys are still a long way off!

Gina Bonafede, a marketing specialist, has held several different roles in her 4+ years with the residential flooring marketing department. She has a degree in sociology and organizational business from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. As a member of the Armstrong blogging team, she blogs about Armstrong’s new luxury vinyl tile and laminate products. Gina enjoys sports and spending time with her husband and new daughter, Mia.