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Choosing a Pet-Friendly Floor

March 9, 2012 4:58 pm    Posted by EMSnyder    off

Armstrong Pet-Friendly Floors

When choosing a new floor for my kitchen, my dog, Shasta, had a big say in the floor I picked. Now, I don’t want you to think I held up flooring samples and chose the one that got the loudest bark. It was more subtle than that. I looked for floors that are particularly pet-friendly – that is, they’re durable and scratch-resistant.

Hardwood or Laminate?
I started my new floor search with hardwood and laminate. I realized that a product with a lower gloss level and either a hand-scraped or rustic visual would be best since Shasta likes to go from lying down to up and running in about 3 seconds flat, which was rough on my existing floor. In hardwood, a low gloss or a hand-scraped look would help to mask potential scratching from her nails if I got behind keeping them trimmed. Another issue I needed to think about was Shasta’s water bowl getting jostled and water spilling out or Shasta actually having accidents, which happens from time to time. With either hardwood or laminate, I would have to make sure that any liquids were cleaned up quickly so the liquid wouldn’t penetrate the joints between the boards.

Vinyl Sheet or Luxury Vinyl Tile?
Next, I looked at vinyl. The number of different visuals for vinyl flooring is amazing. I decided for my pet-friendly floor, I wanted a low gloss, with a texture or embossing design, in a neutral color. Vinyl floors come on rolls as sheet products, or in boxes of tiles and planks. Planks, tiles and sheet products have urethane finishes for scratch and stain resistance. I liked the vinyl sheet products because they are typically 12’ wide, minimizing the need for seams in my kitchen. Luxury vinyl tile, like Armstrong’s Alterna, is also an excellent pet-friendly floor since it’s wear-water-and stain-resistant. It’s also easy to clean.

And the winner is…

Armstrong Vinyl Sheet Floors Ultimately, I chose Duality Premium Plus – Logan Falls vinyl sheet flooring for my kitchen. The Duality Premium line has 3D visuals on an ultra-durable structure that can stand up to any pet – even mine. The colors and embossed texture were just what I had in mind.
When you’re looking for a “pet-friendly” floor, review the pros and cons of each type of floor and make an informed decision as to which product will make a happy home for both you and your pet.

Liz Snyder is a Technical Services Representative, Maintenance Specialist and trainer. She has been with Armstrong for over 30 years, spending most of her career in Customer Service for our Floor Products division. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, dancing and vacationing on the beach and Disney World.