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The Value of Flooring Warranties

April 13, 2012 2:27 pm    Posted by wendy    Comment (1)

Armstrong Flooring Warranties

Last month, I started shopping for a new floor for my home. Of course, being the Manager for the Armstrong Flooring Customer Relations & Technical Services Team, I have masses of information and samples to review at my fingertips to help me in making my flooring decision. 

Like most consumers, I looked for color, style, and most importantly, the value I would get out of my floor. Now when I say value, I’m not talking about the amount of money I would spend on the floor, plus the cost of an installer; I’m talking about value in the form of a warranty. A flooring warranty is an important consideration when purchasing a floor.

You want to choose a floor with a warranty that matches your expectations for its performance. For example, because I wanted my floor to look beautiful and hold up under high traffic for an extended period of time, I chose a floor that provides me with a lifetime warranty. I look at it as protecting this asset I’m investing in my home. A beautiful, durable floor is a great asset – and a future selling point to any home!

Trusted Warranty
The Armstrong Flooring brand is a symbol of quality, trust, commitment and integrity. How do we uphold these high standards in our products? By providing consumers with a warranty that stands behind our products! Our warranty states that Armstrong products will not contain manufacturing defects. All Armstrong brand floors come with a warranty. Depending on which product category or collection you choose for your home, you could select a floor that offers a warranty for 5, 10, 15, 25 years, up to a Lifetime Residential Warranty.

Armstrong Hickory Golden Brown

Watch this floor care video to learn more about the importance of warranties and why we recommend registering your new floor with us. It’s the best way to validate your warranty. Another added benefit to registering online: you’ll receive a free sample of one of our floor cleaners.

You may ask: “So what value does this warranty bring to me?” My answer: “The confidence in knowing that should an issue occur with your floor that is covered under our warranty, Armstrong will stand behind the product and ensure the issue is resolved in a timely, professional and efficient manner.” Knowing you are protected under a warranty can give you peace of mind that your investment in an Armstrong floor will continue to add value to your home for many years to come!

Wendy Roeser serves as the Manager of Customer Relations, Technical Services and Customer Order Shipment for Armstrong Floor Products. Wendy has worked at Armstrong for 24 years and has considerable experience talking to consumers about flooring issues. Her favorite topics to blog about include: floor cleaning and maintenance. Wendy loves going to auctions and antiquing.