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Our Flooring Designers Talk About Winning the ADEX Awards

May 21, 2012 4:37 pm    Posted by Kim Lefever    off

Armstrong wins ADEX Awards

This month, Armstrong Flooring’s Design Team won 4 ADEX (Awards for Design Excellence) awards: 2 for hardwood products and 2 for premium tile products. The ADEX Awards, sponsored by Design Journal, is the largest and most prestigious awards program for product design of furniture, fixtures and finishes marketed to design professionals.

The Flooring Board asked the Armstrong designers who created these award winners to talk about their flooring designs and what the awards mean to them.

Hardwood Winners – Designed by Sara Babinski

  • Artesian Hand-Tooled Birch Chutney Spice (Platinum)  
  • Performance Plus Cherry Sugared Honey (Gold)

Artesian Hand-Tooled Birch

TFB: Sara, tell us about your award-winning designs.

SARA: The Artesian Hand-Tooled Birch Chutney Spice is a new hand-scraped product that we developed as part of the “decorator trend,” which is a trend that features patterning on the floor. This flooring also offers random width planks – which “breaks away” from standard plank sizes. And the color wash helps accentuate the scrape and gives another dimension to the color.

Armstrong's Cherry Sugared Honey Performance Plus

The Performance Plus design is from our new acrylic-infused hardwood collection. What I like about the Cherry Sugared Honey product is its warm tones and soft graining. Cherry is a beautiful species, but it’s a soft wood. Our acrylic-infusion process makes it durable enough to withstand the normal day-to-day activities of active families!

TFB: How does it feel to win the ADEX award?

SARA: It’s an honor to receive this award – especially the ADEX since the voting is done by design peers! It means other designers recognize your work as distinctive in its class.

Armstrong's Alterna Aztec Trail

Premium Tile Winners – Designed by Jeanette McCuaig

  • Alterna Aztec Trail (Gold)
  • Alterna Reserve Moselle Valley (Silver)    

TFB: Jeanette, describe your ADEX-winning designs.

JEANETTE: The Alterna Aztec Trail product is designed to look like actual reclaimed terracotta tile. This luxury vinyl floor has bright, warm, inviting colors that I think will appeal to consumers who want to bring a southwestern flavor to their décor.

Armstrong's Alterna Reserve Moselle Valley

The Alterna Reserve Moselle Valley design is one of my favorites – and I’m glad the judges liked it too! This luxury vinyl floor is forest green and copper and resembles slate, which is a very popular stone with consumers. It has a lot of variation in pattern and color from block to block to look like real slate.

TFB: What do the ADEX awards mean to you?

JEANETTE: I’m very proud of our whole tile team for these awards. It means we’ve done our research; we’ve looked at trends; and we’ve applied our creative abilities to produce flooring products that consumers can relate to.

TFB: Our thanks to Sara and Jeanette for their contributions to this blog post – and congratulations to everyone on the Armstrong Flooring Design Team for winning the ADEX Awards!

Kim Lefever, Social Media Manager, handles social media for Armstrong. She posts on Armstrong’s residential social channels regularly and responds to questions from consumers on blogs and forums. When she’s not at her keyboard, she is usually found with her nose in a book or tending to the chickens she and her husband are raising.