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Beware the Summer Hazards to Your Floor

May 25, 2012 1:31 pm    Posted by RDDemackiewicz    Comments (9)

Summer Time!

Hooray! It’s time to officially kick off the summer season! While you’re enjoying warm, sunny days and entertaining friends and family for cook-outs and parties, watch out for these potential hazards to keep your floors looking great all summer long!

What to watch for:

  • Pool water belongs poolside and not puddling on your Armstrong floor. Make sure pool users dry off thoroughly before coming into the house. Walk-off mats are also a good idea to keep floors dry and your family safe from any potential slips or falls.
  • Whether you’re adding ice to your favorite drink or filling a cooler, ice doesn’t stay in solid form for long during the dog days of summer. Keep an eye out for stray ice cubes melting on your floor and wipe away any spills.
  • Fido is going to be lapping up more water this summer. Make sure you keep the water bowl full and use a towel underneath to catch any splashes.
  • Look out for the “barefoot bandit”. You know that person who likes to walk everywhere in the summer without shoes and then track mud, dirt and other yard debris inside. Make sure they know to wipe their feet.
  • Ketchup, mustard and other picnic condiments are used more over the summer season than any other time of the year. Armstrong floors are highly stain-resistant, but take the extra precaution of wiping up any spills immediately.
  • During the summer season, we often take lots of items from our refrigerators and cabinets outdoors. Don’t try to take too much in one trip. Aunt Mary will be a lot happier if her famous potato salad winds up on the picnic table and not on your floor.
  • With summer comes thunderstorms. Make sure to shut all your windows so you don’t have rain pouring on your beautiful floor!

Armstrong Flooring wishes you a safe and happy summer!

Robin deMackiewicz, User Experience Designer for Armstrong, creates graphics, produces videos and maintains the corporate style guide for Armstrong websites. When not at work, Robin enjoys playing with her dog Buddy and doing DIY projects with her husband.

9 Responses to “Beware the Summer Hazards to Your Floor”

  1. Eagle Mat says:

    Great tips! I have one more to add: prevent slip and fall accidents! Commercial buildings should be well-equipped with wet umbrella bag stands and floor mats, to help keep floors safe and dry. We wrote about this on our blog if you’re interested in reading more:

  2. Joyce Szot says:

    For RDDemackiewicz:
    I’m think that I’m becoming schzophrenic trying to determine which Alterna to install. My install is for a run from the front entrance hall, turn left into the kitchen and turn right into the family room ~ 500 sq ft. I’m attracted to the brown gray patterns. On reviewing a sample of Reserve Classico Travertine Cameo Brown/Gray in my home, it was my choice. However, on returning to the retailer for review of the large sample, I realized that the small sample blended the differences while the large display of the 16″ tiles shows the differences to be striking. I need something more neutral. The Forest Green Copper is lovely, only have to consider if it is too dark. I’m also considering Moselle Valley Verde Slate, and Mesa Stone Gray Brown and Light Gray, and I may order samples of Mesa Stone Chocolate, Beige, and Canyon Sun. I’m thinking that as Reserve provides sufficient contrast, a staggered or diagonal install would be too busy for smaller rooms.
    In a previous blog, you mentioned that you are glad that you grouted. I prefer the Mediterranean look over the grouted look. The store had a sample of Chocolate laid groutless and I liked the look. Are there detriments to laying groutless? Congoleum DuraCeramic requires a seam sealer when installing groutless. Why does Alterna not require/benefit from a sealer? Will a groutless install collect gunk between the tiles, as does a crack in a kitchen table that has leaf expansion?
    You see that I’m not a decorator, just a confused customer that will appreciate your input and direction.

    • RDDemackiewicz says:

      Thanks for writing, Joyce. I put your question to our Customer Service group here and this was their response:

      It is tough finding a specific floor, isn’t it?! It’s important to understand that due to the manufacturing process of the tiles, the flooring can have upwards of 16 different visuals per run. This can cause quite a bit of variation in colors that become visible. If you see a color in 1 sample piece that you might not love, then you need to realize it may show up more in one of the other visuals.

      As far as grouting the tile, Alterna flooring was designed as a vinyl that can be grouted, so it is the intended design. A lot of effort was put into making sure the grout looked acceptable with the flooring and it had the appearance of a ceramic floor. As a result, Armstrong is always proud of the grouted final product. Armstrong does recommend this floor as being grouted or installed without grout. We also take extreme care during the manufacturing process to have a very square product, so even if the floor is not grouted, it should fit together tightly. This is why we do not require a sealer, should the floor be installed without grout. As for maintenance of a non-grouted floor, the edges of the tile are rounded for grouting purposes which means that there will be a little “valley” where the 2 tiles meet. If the floor is properly maintained, it should not create a concern as a dirt trap.

      Thanks again for your interest in Armstrong Alterna. Please let me know if I can be of additional assistance.

      Thank you,

      • Joyce Szot says:


        Thank you for your reply. I definitely want a groutless install, and a designer in my home confirmed that a groutless installation will be most attractive for my situation.

        I want to remain pleased with my Alterna floor for the lifetime of its warranty. However, I remain concerned about cleaning Alterna groutless. In a perfect world, very square tiles would fit so tightly so to not have crevices which trap debris. I cannot believe that in 3 to 5 years dirt and biological debris would not show unsightly in crevices and be difficult/impossible to remove, even if it is most “properly maintained”. I can wet mop my current asphalt tiles using vinegar, pine sol, murphy oil soap, etc., to lift all debris and sanitize the floor ~ I wonder if I can do any wet cleaning so to lift debris from crevices in the Alterna groutless without causing water damage. Is an installation of Alterna groutless more susceptible to water damage than is a grouted installation? I’d be more comfortable selecting Alterna for a groutless install if there was a manner to apply a seam sealer. Is it possible to apply a thin coat of the Alterna grout as the tiles are butted together to work as a sealer, or is there another method to minimize inevitable minute gaps such as application of DuraCeramic’s seam sealer or Varathane’s Diamond Coat Polyurethane into the valley?


        • RDDemackiewicz says:

          Hi Joyce,

          I reached out to our Customer Service Team so I could better answer your question. Below is their response. Please let us know if you need any additional information. Good luck with your project.

          Armstrong Alterna tile was designed and tested to be installed with or without grout. It does have a rounded edge to be able to apply grout, but it can be installed like all of our resilient tiles by being butt together. Armstrong does not recommend or test seam sealer on any of our vinyl tiles, and the Alterna is the same. The following notes are some of the reasons we don’t call for seam sealer on Alterna or any of our vinyl tiles:

          · The seam sealer is very fluid and does not always evenly spread. Sometimes it sticks between tiles, sometimes it seeps in between tiles. Sometimes it’s a little of both along any given edge. This can create an uneven look and a place for dirt to accumulate.

          · Seam sealer often has bubbles in it that create a place for dirt to accumulate.

          · Seam sealer does not create a perfectly flat installation. This means dirt can still accumulate between tiles. It still needs to be cleaned and maintained. The area on top between tiles will not stay cleaner because there is a seam sealer.

          · Seam sealer has a different gloss level than the product which can potentially create an objectionable visual.

          · Without seam sealer the installation is faster and costs less.

          · Our glue is extremely water resistant and not impacted by moisture.


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