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A Great Flooring Choice for a Beach House? Laminate!

June 8, 2012 3:37 pm    Posted by gina    off

Armstrong Laminate Flooring

At a family birthday party last weekend, my Aunt Cindy, who owns a beach house in Ocean City, New Jersey, was discussing her latest misfortune – the first level of her beach house had been flooded out. She told us that she wanted to get her home up and running quickly, so she and her two young daughters could enjoy the summer months at the shore. One of her remodeling decisions involved choosing a kitchen floor.

She posed the question at the dinner table of what everyone thought about a laminate floor for the kitchen. Turns out, not many of my relatives knew exactly what laminate flooring was. Some reacted with a less-than-positive response, calling laminate “cheap” and “artificial-looking”. After the dust settled, as usual, everyone turned to me for “expert” flooring advice.

The Benefits of Laminate

Armstrong Laminate Flooring

Roughly 6 months ago, I became a marketing specialist for laminate products and have learned a lot about this flooring category since then. Before my new responsibilities with laminate, I probably had a similar reaction to my relatives and thought of laminate as a not entirely desirable flooring choice.

However, as I started to work closely with the product, my view completed changed. Laminate is, in fact, an excellent flooring choice for any room or for any lifestyle! The core of the product provides superior moisture resistance and gives a solid hardwood sound. High end laminate products from Armstrong have Masterworks technology, which creates the most realistic, clear and vibrant designs available in laminate. On top of that, the installation process is fast and easy – ideal for DIYers.

After I told my family about the benefits of laminate, I asked them, “What more could you want?” They wanted to know “How does it really look? Are the designs good looking?” I told them they would not be able to tell the wood and stone visuals weren’t real. That’s how authentic our laminate floors look.

New Laminates

Armstrong Laminate Flooring

I also told them that we have new laminate floors coming out in late summer – some of them with weathered or distressed looks. They’re absolutely beautiful! I suggested to Aunt Cindy that they are definitely worth waiting for – one of them is even driftwood-inspired. Could it be more perfect for a beach home?!

More news about our new laminate products coming soon!

Gina Bonafede, a marketing specialist, has held several different roles in her 4+ years with the residential flooring marketing department. She has a degree in sociology and organizational business from Cornell University. As a member of the Armstrong blogging team, she blogs about Armstrong’s new luxury vinyl tile and laminate products. Gina enjoys sports and spending time with her husband and new daughter, Mia.