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The Perfect Floor for the Bedroom

June 29, 2012 3:49 pm    Posted by jamie    Comments (3)

Hardwood for the bedroom

I am on an endless quest to decorate and redecorate my house. Now it’s time to tackle a new project – the master bedroom. You might think this should be a fun project, but the truth is, the bedroom seems like somewhat of a thankless job. Why? Because no one ever sees it. For that reason, I have not touched it since we moved into our house. In those 8+ years, I have redone our kitchen, painted every other room in the house, and replaced furniture in our living areas many times. But no major re-decorating has taken place in the bedroom. 

Now it’s getting to the point where I can’t avoid it any longer. First of all, we have dogs. And not just any kind of dogs, but big dogs that shed. A lot. And, they spend a lot of time in our bedroom. Did I mention that our bedroom is the only room left that still has carpet? Oh, and I have allergies – which are made worse by carpet. So you probably get the idea that it’s time for the carpet to go.

My flooring replacement choice? Hardwood.

Dogs and Allergies
Hickory - Golden Brown HardwoodsSurprisingly (or maybe not) some people still think hardwood is just not an affordable option – and it’s also a lot of work to take care of. Not so. There are hundreds, if not thousands of hardwood options for every price point, and practically every color, style, texture and species you could want to choose from. And for me, the added benefit is that it’s really easy to care for. Instead of having dog hair matted into my carpet causing me endless sneezing attacks, I can easily sweep or vacuum the dog hair off my wood flooring.

Long-Term Benefits
Beyond the affordable price, countless options and easy maintenance, there are also longer-term benefits. Hardwood flooring increases property value, not only because it’s seen as a luxury item in a home, but because it’s environmentally friendly. Most hardwood floors last a lifetime, compared to about 15 years for carpet. Truly though, my favorite attribute of wood is that it’s unique. Every plank in every floor is different. With my eclectic taste, I know that whatever I choose will be different from what everyone else has.

So hopefully by the next time you hear from me, I will have picked out a new hardwood floor and had it installed. If I were even remotely handy, I might tackle this too, as a lot of hardwoods are now DIY-friendly (another benefit). Unfortunately for me, I lack any skills in the home improvement area beyond shopping, but, as my husband can attest, I excel in that department! And that’s the fun part anyway ☺ – along with enjoying a beautiful, unique hardwood floor when it’s all over!

Jamie Burgess is a Marketing Specialist, focusing on hardwood flooring, and has been with Armstrong for over 10 years. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan, which means most fall Saturdays you can find her watching college football with her husband and 2 Labrador Retrievers. Her eclectic taste in home décor has her on an endless quest for innovative and unique decorating ideas!