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The Color Outlook for 2013: Soft Pastels

July 27, 2012 5:20 pm    Posted by Jeanette McCuaig    Comments (2)

Our flooring design team tracks color trends several ways, like participating in The Color Marketing Group, following color influencers on Pinterest and reading many, many trend blogs!

Now we’re tracking an emerging color trend for 2013: Chalky Pastels. 

Bye-Bye Bolds, Hello Pastels
It’s time to say good-bye to the bold colors and bright hues that have been the rage for the past few seasons. Both the fashion world and home interiors have gotten in touch with their softer sides. Pastel colors are now the color direction. 

But unlike the sweet pastels of the past, these new colors have a modern edge. These hues are soft, but not overly sugary. Soft white underscores this pure aesthetic. Bare touches of blue, pink, green, cream yellow and apricot are key colors. And you’ll see key buzzwords like powdery, foggy, pale, fresh, hazy, muted and dusky in this trend.

Color Influences
The influences are oiled hardwoods, parchment papers and linens. 

Homerwood Premium Floors

Oiled hardwood in Homerwood Premium Floors  

Images will tell you more than words when it comes to color. Enjoy these images that illustrate the latest color trend!

Linen-inspired. Vinyl sheet – Massimo G6200

A dramatic complement to refreshing pastel green walls:
Armstrong Luxe Plank pattern Jatoba

Let me know what you think of this color trend!

Jeanette McCuaig is the Principal Stylist in Residential Product Design. Jeanette has worked in the flooring design industry for more than 26 years. Her favorite blogging topics include: glass-back vinyl sheet, vinyl tile, Luxe and Alterna flooring products, as well as color and design trends. Away from her day job, Jeannette enjoys studying the history of costume and how fashion relates to modern times.