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Vinyl Flooring Ideas for Starter Homes

October 19, 2012 1:54 pm    Posted by lakeman    Comment (1)

Starter Homes

For many of us – whether we’re single, married, engaged, have kids/don’t have kids – the American dream is still to own our own home. That first home is typically referred to as a “starter home”.  It’s affordable, often small, and may not have many special features, but it’s perfect to begin life as a homeowner.

Buying a starter home is just the beginning of an exciting adventure! After you’ve found the right place, the next step is to make it yours: with your furniture, your décor, and your style.

That Flooring Has Got to Go!
The first area where you can set the tone for your home is with the flooring. Many older homes have last century’s vinyl floors, which may resemble the vibrant color scheme of an Andy Warhol exhibit or, conversely, offer a far more drab design from a former owner with an eye for design like that of Mr. Magoo. Both styles, of course, are so last century.

If your floor could use a stylish update, consider Armstrong’s vast line of vinyl flooring. Armstrong offers fresh, modern designs to rejuvenate the interior of your home.


Popular Vinyl Sheet Collections


These vinyl products come in many different looks ranging from stone to wood to “alternatives”, which are stylish designs that mimic leather, metals, and ceramic tile.

Empire Slate - Adirondack Fall - Armstrong Vinyl Sheet Flooring Alvina - Brownstone - Armstrong Vinyl Sheet Flooring Autumn Spice - Armstrong Vinyl Sheet Flooring Bandelier - Flint - Armstrong Vinyl Sheet Flooring


One of the benefits of owning your own home is that you can decorate it exactly the way that you want. Replacing the flooring is a good place to start. Make your home your own – with the help of a stylish vinyl floor from Armstrong.  

Jeremy Lakeman has been with Armstrong since December 2008, first with Residential Customer Service, now on the Commercial Techline, assisting architects, designers, and installers with all aspects of flooring. Outside of work, Jeremy is a huge movie fanatic and self-proclaimed trivia master. He also enjoys spending time with man’s best friend – his dog Izzi..