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A Day in the Life of an Armstrong Customer Service Rep

November 6, 2012 11:58 am    Posted by swingler    off

This blog post is part of our occasional series that describes “a day in the life” of an Armstrong employee who works in our residential flooring business. This post was written by Emily Swingler in Customer Relations and Technical Services.

This group is based in Lancaster, PA, and is available to take your calls Monday – Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 1-800-233-3823.

Armstrong Flooring - Day in the Life of a Customer Service Rep


6:15 a.m.

Alarm sounds, time to get up! (Snooze sounds like a much better option.)


Second alarm sounds, which means I have to REALLY get up this time. After a shower, I make my way to the kitchen to brew a cup of Joe to get the morning started.


Let the puppy out and catch some of the local news, while munching on my morning toast.


Off to the office I go.


Review emails received overnight from customers and prioritize on the order to respond. (Customers who contact us after hours have the option to send us email communications.)


Receive an instant message from our manager: Immediate Stand-Up Meeting. We all gather together to learn that our Alterna luxury vinyl flooring product is now available in the 12″ x 12″ size and that we may get additional questions today about this update.

8:30 – 9

Respond to customer emails. Also, grab emails from our daily email queue.


It’s go time!!! I put on my headset and get ready to tackle the questions and concerns of customers, as well as our many retailers, distributors, installers, and architects. First caller: Can I install laminate flooring over radiant heat?


Meet with the Inside Sales Team to discuss our future plans to help assist customers who are in the floor selection process.


Lunch time. Microwave pizza is an everyday staple for me! Quick and easy when you only have 30 minutes to eat!


Back on the phones to answer more of the 800-line questions.


A customer calls in and would like help finding the right floor for her living room. She likes hardwood, but she has two kids and a dog, and they have a very active lifestyle. I suggest that she take a look at our laminate flooring product lines and also tell her about the Floor Finder tool, which shows homeowners specific flooring options for different lifestyles.


A package arrives at my desk. It’s a vinyl flooring sample from a customer who would like us to identify the product for them. They have had their floor for approximately 17 years and love it and would like to see if they can find it again! I take the sample to our archived area to find the product by searching through old flooring catalogs. I discover the product has been discontinued for 5 years. Phone the customer with my findings and provide product suggestions within our current vinyl sheet line that may be comparable.


15-minute break to refresh from taking phone calls.


Reach out to a retailer to help discuss a potential sale. We discuss the different vinyl product lines and what might be suitable for the customer’s environment.


A customer calls to find out how to properly care for her new vinyl floor. I advise her that Once ‘n Done is the routine cleaner that Armstrong recommends, then I email the maintenance and care guidelines directly to her.


Look over my schedule for the next day day and prioritize tasks so I’m ready to hit the ground running. 


Time to head home for the day. But I’ll be back tomorrow to help our customers find the answers to their questions. Our goal is 100% satisfaction!

Emily Swingler is a Customer Relations & Technical Services Representative and Personal Flooring Consultant for Armstrong. She has been with the company since June of 2011. She enjoys working with potential customers to help them find the floor that may be just right for them, not only in design but also in installation. When not at work, Emily enjoys going to the gym, playing basketball, and spending time with her Black Labrador puppy, Remington.