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Armstrong Earns Two GreenStep Awards

November 30, 2012 5:19 pm    Posted by modesty    Comment (1)

GreenStep AwardAt Armstrong, we are committed to protecting the environment and using natural resources responsibly. Recently the flooring industry took notice of our efforts.

At the 4th Annual GreenStep Awards hosted by Floor Covering Weekly (FCW), we earned two awards: a GreenStep Promotion Award for our sponsorship of a “green” home exhibit at Epcot® and a GreenStep Product award for a new environmentally friendly flooring tile. 

GreenStep Promotion Award

The GreenStep Promotion Award was given to Armstrong for being a sponsor of the VISION House® in INNOVATIONS at Epcot®. The VISION House is a ground-breaking exhibit that represents a modern 21st century home, designed with sustainable products and intelligent systems.

Inside the VISION House

As visitors tour the exhibit, they learn how to reduce their personal impact on the planet. The purpose of the exhibit is to show visitors that a sustainable lifestyle isn’t a concept for the distant future, but completely achievable right now.

VISION House InteriorAs a sponsor, we contributed the hardwood floors that are featured in the VISION House. Wood floors are beautiful, durable, and long-lasting. Since they don’t have to be replaced as often as other types of floors, they are highly sustainable.

GreenStep Product Award

We also received a GreenStep Award for our STRIATIONS™ BioBased Tile®, a new commercial flooring line. This innovative tile is created from renewable, domestically grown plant matter and limestone.

Our VP of Marketing for Armstrong Floors, Mara Villaneuva-Heras described our environmental commitment this way, “Whether it’s the opportunity to educate people, even kids on vacation, with the VISION House or the infusion of materials and processes in our biobased tile, sustainability is an important part of what we do at Armstrong.”

The GreenStep Program
The goal of the GreenStep program is to recognize sustainable environmental initiatives throughout the industry; to promote and support those efforts by providing a communications platform to convey the extent and scope of these efforts, and to honor those people and organizations for their embodiment of the ideals of environmental stewardship.

Congratulations to the Armstrong Flooring Teams!

Modesty Guarente is a member of the marketing department at Armstrong, with a focus on residential tile, particularly Alterna and Luxe Plank. A self-proclaimed home improvement junkie, she’s survived several remodeling projects (kitchen, basement, deck, etc.). She loves watching HGTV, gardening, reading, and most of all spending time with her husband, Jason and their two small children.