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Get Started Planning Your New Floor with Online Tools from Armstrong

September 13, 2013 3:34 pm    Posted by bronwynn    off

You’ve wanted a new floor for… forever, right? But you need the reassurance that you’re choosing the right floor. Armstrong can help. We offer two tools to help you get moving on that flooring project: the Floor Finder and the Project Estimator.

Find a Floor

Floor Finder
With Floor Finder, we recommend the flooring type best suited for your particular project based on your answers to 5 simple questions: room type, flooring look, your household activity level, your DIY level, and your budget.

You’ll learn why one flooring type may be a better option over another based on what you told us about your project. We’ll even recommend some floors we think you’ll like.

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Once you find the floor you love, your next question most likely will be about cost. That’s where Armstrong’s Project Estimator comes in. You will need to create or sign into an account for Armstrong’s My Project to use this tool.

Project Estimator
There’s a lot that goes into a flooring installation besides the cost of the floor, especially if you’re not planning to do the installation yourself. For instance, you most likely have an old floor that will need to be torn out. Or your subfloor may need to be repaired or replaced. There’s also the cost of the installation itself.

The Project Estimator will ask you four questions about your project: room type, room dimensions, subfloor condition, and if there’s an old floor to be removed. After you’ve answered these questions, the estimator will give you two estimated price ranges: one if you plan to do the installation yourself and the other if you hire a professional.

My Project

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Estimates Only
Armstrong flooring is sold through independent retailers and home centers across the United States and Canada. Each retailer determines the price of the flooring they are selling, which is why the project estimator gives you a price range. Prices may vary depending upon where you live, local labor rates and the installation method chosen. For these reasons, it’s best to use the project estimator as a guide for what your flooring project will cost and to visit your local retailer for an exact quote.

What are you waiting for? Let the tools from Armstrong give you the push you need to finish off that home renovation once and for all.

Bronwynn March, eMarketing Manager for Residential Floors, guides the team that keeps the Armstrong Flooring website updated with fresh content to help consumers learn about our flooring products. She enjoys blogging about home improvement projects. She and her husband usually have various home improvement projects either in the works or on deck.