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Melissa Maker Makes Cleaning Your Floor Easy!

August 6, 2015 11:57 am    Posted by NECarl    off



Many of you ask us for tips or pointers for cleaning your new floor, and we want to make sure that you can enjoy your floor for years to come! Recently, we partnered with Melissa Maker, YouTube star and founder of the website, to create some new floor cleaning videos for hardwood, laminate, and vinyl. The videos turned out great, and you can view them here.


In this post, we’ll look behind the scenes at how these videos came together.

Melissa Maker & Clean My Space


As a young entrepreneur who opened a cleaning business in 2006, Melissa Maker often had clients, family and friends ask her for cleaning tips and tricks. Since starting her business, Melissa has amassed an arsenal of cleaning techniques, which lead to her the internet, where she can share her tips and videos with the world.


Melissa has become a go-to resource for all types of cleaning questions and we highly recommend that you check out her YouTube channel (with more than 227,000 followers) and her Clean My Space blog. While cleaning isn’t the most exciting task, Melissa makes it engaging and interesting to learn more about the ins and outs of cleaning. Melissa’s guest expert work includes being featured on television shows like the Today Show; in magazines like Real Simple and Better Homes & Gardens; and in online publications such as The Huffington Post.


Behind the Scenes at Armstrong


Melissa and her husband, Chad, came to the Armstrong corporate headquarters in Lancaster, PA to meet with our team and film the videos. Melissa’s expertise helped shape the direction for the videos, and once the direction was down, it was time to get down to business!


First, Armstrong’s digital and marketing teams figured out where to film the videos. One of our buildings on the headquarters’ campus is the Armstrong Avenue. This building was planned and designed to showcase our products when we have visitors to the campus. It was the perfect setting to film these videos.



Melissa Maker in front of the Armstrong Avenue where the videos were filmed.


Melissa’s husband, Chad, is not in front of the camera a lot, but he is the man behind the camera! Chad and his team reviewed the areas in the Avenue to see where the best video could be shot. He films all of Melissa’s videos for YouTube and as you can tell, he’s quite talented.


They then set up the scenes for each flooring type, along with lighting and cameras. Of course there was a rehearsal, complete with wardrobe (and flooring!) changes and script tweaks by the Armstrong folks.




Melissa and crew filming the hardwood cleaning video.

In the shot above, Melissa is cleaning the hardwood while her crew films. This area of the Avenue is usually used as a meeting space for employees and lounge area for visitors. It’s a pretty high-traffic area, and the hardwood floor has held up very well for years now. Our cleaning crews use the same products and tips that Melissa shares in the video.



Melissa mixing up the New Beginnings floor cleaner for vinyl flooring.

In this shot, Melissa is mixing up the Armstrong New Beginnings floor cleaner used on the vinyl flooring. In the background, you can see how the scene for this video was built. Because we wanted to show a certain vinyl floor, we unrolled the vinyl over some existing flooring, and just had to make sure not to catch the back corner or edges on film!


The crew films the laminate cleaning video in our mini-kitchen.

The crew films the laminate cleaning video in our mini-kitchen.

This compact little kitchen space displays Armstrong products, including a beautiful laminate floor, which was perfect for the laminate cleaning video. As you can see, Melissa is right at home with lots of cleaning props. And Chad and crew are in paparazzi position getting close-ups of Melissa in action!


Everyone had a lot of fun making these videos, and we at Armstrong would like to personally thank Melissa and her team for doing such a great job and providing a lot of valuable advice. Check out the videos on our Floor Care Guide page and enjoy more great cleaning advice from Melissa at Clean My Space!