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The Trick to Getting Rid of Your Carpet Before the Holidays

December 1, 2015 11:47 am    Posted by NECarl    off


We get it. You’re in a jam. You can’t reposition one more piece of furniture to cover that old, ragged carpet anymore. You know it needs to go, but who has time to redo a floor THIS time of year?! The final straw: you’re expecting a house full of guests for the holidays!

We can help. If you’re in a jam and you need to get the show on the road, you can get a floor in before the holidays. It might take a little wrangling, but we can definitely help you get it done faster.


What to Do Today:

Anyone who has done a home improvement project knows that a huge part of the project is just deciding on the the design elements – in this case, which floor is the “one”. Use one of our handy online tools to make the process go a whole lot faster.


Floor Finder – This recently-enhanced tool helps you choose the right floor for your lifestyle and space with ease. With a few simple questions, it will get you to the right flooring category. From there, it’s all about your color and style!


Use Floor Finder >


Design a Room Tool

Design a Room Tool

Design a Room – This tool puts the creativity in your hands! Use a room from our galleries or one of your own to see what the floor of your choice will look like. This will take the guesswork out of the equation and is especially great if you need to “see how things will look.”


Use Design a Room >


Browse Flooring – Some people just like to see ALL the options, and we’ll make this easy for you. Use our filters to narrow down your flooring choices while still getting to see all the floors we offer.


Browse Flooring >


What to Do Tomorrow:


Once you’ve chosen a few different flooring options, it’s time to find a retailer. There are a couple things you should know about having a great experience with your retailer. For starters, when you plug in your Zip code, look for what is called an Armstrong Showroom.


Find a retailer in your area.

Find a retailer in your area.

These elite retailers display the broadest selection of Armstrong flooring from every product category, plus have highly trained Armstrong product experts who are dedicated to making sure you get the right floor. They also provide an Armstrong 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and extended warranties.


You’ll also see that we have Premier and Preferred retailers as well, all of which will be great places to shop for a floor.


To make sure that your whole process goes smoothly, we’ve also marked retailers that have Certified Installers, meaning their installation crew has completed additional and specific training for our products.


Find a Retailer >


What to Do This Weekend:


When you have an hour or more of time, visit the retailer you found online. If you’re going to an Armstrong Showroom, be prepared – your sales associate will handle you with the utmost of care. You might be in the showroom a little longer, but by the time you leave, you’ll be able to feel confident that you’ll be getting the new floor of your dreams!


When you go to the retail location, here’s a few things you might want to take along:


  • Measurements of your room
  • Photos or sketches of your room(s)
  • Décor elements like paint or fabric swatches
  • A list of the floors you liked online



Then, talk to your retailer realistically about getting your flooring installed. If you want it now, before the holidays, there are a few things working in your favor. Some retailers might be slowing down during the holiday season for the same reason – people aren’t focusing as much on home improvement right now.


In the Next Few Weeks:

After you’ve agreed on a timeframe, spend some time clearing out your room. While you’re doing this, it pays to declutter at the same time. Then when you put it back together, you’ll be “company-ready!”


Many installers will be able to complete a small to medium job in a single day. A larger or multi-room job might take several days. This is something you should definitely go over with your retailer so you understand how long you’ll be unable to use that particular space in your home.


Of course, if you’ve chosen a product you can install yourself, like Alterna luxury vinyl, you can go as fast as you want. Get creative: maybe you have end-of-year vacation to squeeze in and can use it to finish this job!


Enjoy Your New Floor


Now, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the compliments!

Your new living room?

Your new living room?