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Armstrong Flooring Hosts Design Council

July 29, 2011 3:47 pm    Posted by Jeanette McCuaig    off

Following flooring design trends is how we stay on top of what’s happening in the flooring industry. When we know what’s “hot” in the southwest and other regions of North America, we can then begin to design the floors that homeowners may be looking for.

This year, we introduced the Design Council event, where we invite flooring experts to visit our headquarters in Lancaster, PA, to review flooring design trends for similarities and differences by region.

At our recent Design Council meeting last week, six leaders from builder and property management groups all over the U.S. met with us to share their thoughts about the design trends they’re seeing. On the builder side were associates who help home buyers find flooring when they’re building a new home. On the property management side were associates who decide what flooring options will be sold for apartments and military housing. These industry experts came prepared to share their insights on trends and regional differences and provide feedback on our floors related to their markets.

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