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Is Installing a Hardwood Floor Really That Easy?

August 3, 2011 4:26 pm    Posted by joe    Comment (1)

The answer is “yes” if the hardwood floor is a Bruce Lock & Fold hardwood floor. There are several key factors that separate the Bruce Lock & Fold hardwood installation method from others. The ease of installation, fewer costs associated with the installation, and a stunning visual are all reasons why this may be the perfect option for your next home renovation.

First, allow me to delve into the Lock & Fold installation method. There are three basic ways of installing hardwood floors. The first is to fasten the material down. This is normally done with nails or staples. The second method is a full spread glue-down. This involves using a trowel and a tub of adhesive. Finally, you have a “floating” method. This is the method for our Lock & Fold installation. Our Lock & Fold method acts like a puzzle. Each piece locks into the pieces surrounding it. Therefore, there is no need to use any staples or adhesives.

To get started, roll out an underlayment pad over your subfloor. Once this is done, you can begin installing your hardwood floor piece by piece. It really is that easy. Since the Bruce Lock & Fold floors “float,” the floor sits on top of the pad, rather than being adhered or fastened down. The versatility of this installation method also allows it to be installed directly over various existing floors. For further details on how to install hardwood floors like Bruce Lock & Fold hardwood floors, visit Armstrong’s DIY Center.

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