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July 30, 2013

This will floor you:
Daring, Design-Savvy Laminate Floors from Armstrong Blend High Style & Practical Value

LANCASTER, PA, JULY 30, 2013 – Armstrong Residential Flooring is taking design up a notch with its latest collection, Architectural Remnants, which pairs the exquisite look of high-end, designer hardwoods with the benefits of laminate flooring. The floors, inspired by reclaimed hardwood floors, combine multiple species and colors in random widths and with extensive but intelligently applied realistic textures.

Sara Babinski, principal designer for laminate flooring, explained that the Architectural Remnants line is designed to look as if it is a gateway to the past. “These floors would likely have come from an old church or barn in the countryside, a shuttered city warehouse, or a 20th century antique salvage yard,” she said. The design takes texture, species and color into account to help create the luxurious look. “Texture is the new color. Color has long been the first attraction for consumers. It’s often the key factor when buying a floor. But recently texture has come to the forefront as a welcome design enhancement,” Babinski said.

Aesthetics are taken to another level with Architectural Remnants, as the collection is created with Armstrong’s special imaging technology to ensure that the planks contain true-to-life coloration. As Babinski noted, texture is also one of the most important trends in flooring and Architectural Remnants comes Embossed-in-Register (EIR) to provide the most realistic graining, texture, and depth of reclaimed wood.

“We designed this collection for homeowners who want the popular look of reclaimed or salvaged wood to create a room that demands attention,” added Babinski.

For those looking to be artistic in their decorating, these floors allow you to be creative, yet practical, and the floors help accentuate a room with depth, texture and color. Architectural Remnants is available in eight different colors as well as species, and also come in varying sizes. Each floor fits in a traditional setting or can create an eclectic-looking space. The new collection includes ANTIQUE STRUCTURE, a natural-looking reclaimed wooden floor with distressed and worn white paint; SKIP PLANED, created by the effects of textured sanding; WOODLAND RECLAIM, which brings together multiple species of wood, in multiple widths; and SAW MARK OAK, rich and authentic with textured details in today’s most popular oak colors.

More Than a Matter of Looks

For high-traffic areas and active households, the durability of Armstrong laminate is hard to beat. The offering comes with VisionGuard™, a wearlayer, to protect it from staining, fading and wear-through. In addition, the line is also equipped with HydraCore Plus™, a core that is built into the product in order to make it feel more lavish then your everyday laminate flooring.

Architectural Remnants feels more like solid wood when you walk on it. That’s because the 12mm board’s thick HydraCore keeps the laminate stable and flat. The extra density of a thicker board also helps to dampen sound. You won’t hear that hollow echo or sharp clicking noise sometimes associated with thinner laminate floors. The 12mm laminate flooring boards can better withstand the impact of a dropped object. And when it comes to decorative surface treatments, a thicker board allows for deeper embossing.

Armstrong laminate floors are built around a core for stability, lasting durability and moisture protection. Lock&Fold® is the fastest and easiest installation method available. Just lock and fold and the floor is ready to be lived on.

Architectural Remnants comes with a 50-year residential warranty as well as a 10-year commercial warranty.

Laminate Flooring 101

There are virtually no restrictions to where laminate can be installed. From basements and bathrooms to great rooms and kitchens, laminate flooring works in any area of the home.

Laminate flooring has four layers: a wear layer, a design layer, an inner core layer and a backing layer. The wear layer is a clear top layer that protects the floor from stains and fading. The design layer is a photographic image of wood, stone, brick or ceramic. Laminate floors have an inner core that keeps the laminate stable and flat. Armstrong’s exclusive HydraCore™ Plus also offers sound absorption, a great option for bedrooms, plus adds a substantial feel. The bottom backing layer creates a moisture barrier to prevent warping. Altogether, this layered construction is what makes laminate floors remarkably durable and a great option perfect for any room in the home.

Embossing in register is a manufacturing technique Armstrong uses to create a grain consistent with the photographic image on the laminate board. It intensifies depth, texture and natural look of the floor, while accentuating the design; especially when light is reflected off the surface. This process also allows for micro-grout lines and precise detailing.

“A beautiful laminate floor sets the stage for the room of your dreams. Know the qualities to consider before you go shopping so you can find the best laminate flooring for your home,” said Babinski.

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Photo Cutline: Armstrong Laminate, Architectural Remnants, Woodland Reclaim: Create a room that demands attention with this striking floor, popping with a melodious mix of old and rustic reclaimed woods. These exquisite designs bring together multiple species of wood, in multiple widths.

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