Mahogany Wood Floors | African Mahogany Flooring
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African Mahogany Flooring

Easy decorating tips show you how to use the rich brown colors of African mahogany flooring to create the right ambiance in a room.

Autumn mahogany wood - L4004

African mahogany is an exotic hardwood species with colors that range from coppery amber to purplish brown and a straight, medium-to-coarse grain.

But the beauty of this hardwood goes deeper than its distinctive surface. African mahogany has a remarkable ability to hold shape as humidity fluctuates, making it a great choice for damp, dry, or seasonal climates. You can also install an African mahogany engineered hardwood like the one shown here in a basement or bathroom. But make sure the construction is actually engineered and not solid. We don’t recommend installing any solid hardwood floor covering below ground level.

Decorating Tips for African Mahogany

When decorating a room with mahogany flooring, use its vibrant appearance as a starting point, and then add furnishings and accessories to create the atmosphere you want.

  • For walls, choose warm colors that complement the tones in African mahogany. Warm colors give a room an inviting glow. For contrast, paint baseboards and molding white or cream.
  • Use plants to take African mahogany back to its exotic roots. Fresh greenery or vibrant blooms will do the trick.
  • Depending on your style, choose light or dark furniture to complement your African mahogany floor. Mix lighter finishes and fabrics for an eclectic space or choose darker pieces for a formal, dramatic look.
  • Bright colors create focal points to draw the eye around the room. Use a pop of color in hanging artwork and accessories.

African mahogany flooring is at home in a wide range of settings – from rustic to contemporary to exotic. Think of African mahogany flooring as the jewel that captures admiring looks in any room where you want to create a bold style statement.